Absolutely great article. Thank you for writing and sharing it.
Anke Schaffranek

I’m not sure we *can* organize effectively against it.

If you’re prepared to lie, to falsify information, to be inconsistent, to cheat, to behave without ethics — then it’s very easy to present any scenario you desire, to denigrate any nay-sayer, to change course to follow the eddies and tributaries of public opinion.

If you’re only prepared to tell the truth, to be consistent, to behave fairly and ethically — then you can only tell one story, you don’t have the flexibility needed to make your talking points stick and you spend a lot of time paddling upstream.

Trump started out saying that he favored an assault weapon ban — and being friends with the Clintons — but as soon as it suited him, he simply reversed direction, signed up with the NRA and called Hillary Clinton the worst names imaginable.

He can do that because he has no personal attachment to truth or ethics…and (God help us) this is why he may win the presidency. Same exact deal with BREXIT.

Can the “good-thinking” people out there do the same? Can intelligent, educated people start saying that our oceans will boil and dry up next year unless everyone switches to LED lightbulbs? That car exhaust fumes cause allergies? Can we tell the world the mad cow disease is the cause of Altzheimers and everyone must stop eating beef immediately? Admit that we didn’t fly to the moon because the rocket exhaust fumes would have killed the polar bears? I don’t think we can…but that might be what it takes to stop global warming.

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