The Colorful Inclusivity of Christ’s Supremacy

The internet broke last week when thousands of white nationalists and alt-right protestors participated in a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Yes, this took place in the United States of America. In 2017.

Outcry followed, soon thereafter, by the public, various politicians and online publications.

Prominent, white, evangelical leaders, such as Tim Keller and Russell Moore have rightly denounced the rallies on the basis of the contrary nature of racism and the message of Jesus Christ.

As a Korean American, I too cry out against white supremacy.

But today, I do so championing Christ’s supremacy.

Currently, I’m sitting at a denominational conference in Colorado Springs listening to a Hispanic pastor give an account of immigrant churches thriving in America.

In the past two days, I’ve broken bread with white pastors from places like Augusta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. We’ve shared stories, laughs, and gained greater insight into one another’s local contexts.

I’m rooming with a Haitian pastor 23 years my senior. We spent an hour chatting about life and church. He encouraged me to love Jesus more, and humbled me because I told him I’ve started running and he told me he can run for two and a half hours. #showoff

The conference room is currently filled with various ethnicities, backgrounds, and gender. There’s a spirit of camaraderie and a genuine interest to get to know one another.

See, this is what I love about Jesus and the subversive nature of the Christian gospel.

When Jesus rules over the hearts of people — race, gender, socio economic backgrounds, etc. lose their gripping power for self absorbed hatred, without losing their distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Christians do see race.

But we see race through the redemptive lens of grace.

The Kingdom of God is colorful and is full of the throbbing beauty of different cultures and contexts.

And this can only happen because the blood of Jesus hit the soil.

This can only be on account of the perfect life of the Palestinian Jew, the God-Man, the Savior, Jesus Christ, who sits on the throne of heaven.

So Christian, let’s denounce hatred. Let’s speak against injustice and call it for what it is. Let’s fight against apathy to the issues of the world.

But let’s remember that we can only truly do so because of the life-giving Jesus who rules over our hearts.

So let’s love justice because Jesus, the Just and the Justifier, loved us first.

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