Thoughtful Bereavement Gift Ideas

It can be hard to decide on a good bereavement gift idea for a friend or a family member who has lost a loved one. When someone experiences a loss, you want to show your sympathy by giving these individuals a present that offers some comfort and hope. Most people appreciate flowers, but sometimes it’s better for another unique gift other than the customary note & bouquet.

Sympathy gifts for grieving families include sentimental decorations, care packages, and customised items to help them remember their deceased loved ones. These options will make good gifts if you’re sending them in conjunction with or instead of flowers.

A thoughtful gift will show your caring feelings even if you lack the correct words. Therefore, it can let the deprived hold their special one close to them.

The bereavement gift ideas and suggestions both temporary and permanent listed below could accompany your chosen sympathy card.

1. Vase

In most cases, the grieving person receives several flowers. And therefore, this explains why a beautiful vase stands out as an exceptional sympathy gift. Besides using this gift every day, the grieving person will also have sweet memories of the deceased individual.

2. Succulent planter

Flowers are lovely, but they fade. A trendy succulent or houseplant is an exceptional gift if you want a long-lasting present. This is also ideal as a bereavement gift for him or her.

The succulent planter is a remarkable condolence gift that the receiver can easily display at all places within their home. It stands out because of its petite size and neutral colouring.

Note that you can customise the planter’s outside with dates, names, or a short quote. This memorial planter features an elegant little succulent that can bring back happy memories when watered.

3. Dragonfly wind chime or heart wind chime

Wind chimes feature religious connotations, and other countries believe them to attract good luck or kind spirits. Besides this, Dragonfly wind chimes can also serve as remarkably moving bereavement gifts.

Memorial wind chimes, such as Dragonfly wind chimes, give remembrance of a special one every moment the breeze drifts. The unique dragonfly wind chimes have stunning sounds and feature thoughtful quotes on them. You could add dates and names, with engraving.

4. Custom portrait

You can order a customised pencil painting and present it as an exceptional gift if you have a loved one’s photograph. A photograph can be used as a guide for a comprehensive pencil painting the receiver can cherish for several years. The portrait prices vary based on the complexity level and size.

5. Stone stacking kit

Stacking small-sized stones is a meditative and quiet project that can keep your hands and mind occupied — and even provides room for peace. This task is especially relaxing after a bereavement.

Stone stacking kits make unique presents for demise within the family. They stand out as remarkable therapeutic bereavement gifts. To make these kits yourself, collect diverse small-sized flat stones and write a purpose-driven message. You can also purchase these kits in various stores.

6. Necklace

A necklace is a special gift, especially for females. They are the present-day and minimalistic condolence gifts for a bereaved wife, or mother acting as a keepsake that they can put on daily. This elegant necklace is normally silver or gold with a small-sized medallion imprinted with a heart. Engraving can of course personalise the necklace.

6. Food gift basket

A present that moves from the stomach and goes directly to the soul is an excellent way to comfort the bereaved. If the bereaved prefers snacking, a tasty basket features several delicious options to consider adding to the box. You can include sweet treats, crackers, and delicious options that can soothe the deprived heart and allow them to see that you think about them in their grieving time.

7. Personalised image or heart mug

A personalised photo mug is an excellent way to remember someone special who has passed on. It also provides an immediate connection between the bereaved and their loved ones, which helps ease the grieving process. Generally, these mugs make an excellent keepsake and will remind the bereaved of their loved ones for years to come.

8. Picture frames

An image is equal in value to many words, as per the old saying. This statement makes sense, especially for an individual who has lost a special one. Stunning photo frames with a chosen photograph of the deceased bring lasting precious moments.

Picture frames are a timeless way of remembering your special ones. The market has many styles that suit your decoration tastes and salute your loved one’s memory.

9. Music boxes

Consider a music box if you want a classic and timeless condolence gift. This could be a bereavement gift for a friend, and offers a musical special touch to celebrate a departed one. You could put unique mementos in the box interior.

Other music box exteriors feature stunning paintings that you can restore with the deceased’s photos and offer thoughtful personalisation.

10. Night lights/candles

Does the market have any bereavement present more consoling than a soft, radiant light in the middle of darkness? Night lights and candles create a warm relaxing glow. They can work exceptionally well with unique interior themes. These bereavement gifts for him or her provide a comforting atmosphere while mourning.

11. Accent or salt lamp

Accent and salt lamps offer comfort and elegance during the challenging evening bereavement moments. The market has dozens of access lamp styles that suit your decoration taste.

These lamps are ideal bereavement gift ideas for men and women to consider when honouring their special ones, as they are a long lasting/permanent gift.

Besides this, accent lights provide timeless decor beauty with a realistic and non-conventional way to recall your special one.

Natural salt lamps offer a warm comforting glow, ideal as a night light due to the diffused light they emit.

12. Sherpa heat pillow

After going through a sorrowful moment, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in self-care moments. A Sherpa heat pillow plays a good role in bringing the therapeutic heat powers while moving about. This portable heat pillow has a soft water bottle featuring a fuzzy detachable cover, making it a comfortable and consoling bereavement gift.

13. Eterneva diamonds

An Eterneva diamond is a unique and enormously distinctive jewellery piece for an individual mourning the death of a special one. Eterneva celebrates the deceased by converting their ashes into carbon and then into a diamond. After Eterneva turns the ashes into diamonds, the final project becomes a sparkling and stunning classic heirloom that you can remember and cherish for a lifetime.

The diamond is also cut and can be set into your chosen jewellery. As this is often an expensive, very personal gift it is more suited when thinking of gifts for a bereaved wife or husband, or immediate family.

14. Mixed care/gift package

Losing a special one is a stressful and challenging encounter. The care package brings sunshine that optimistically offers tranquillity, and peace. You can fill the care package with a live plant, bath salts, organic soap, and candles to brighten the bereaved person’s day. Moreover, you can personalise the aroma and select various add-ons customised to the individual or situation.

15. Sympathy ice cream

Sympathy ice cream falls under the real comfort meals. All the delectable containers show affectionate messages, such as ‘thinking of you’ or ‘scoops of help.’

Generally, sympathy ice cream is an advanced and delightful form of being close to a family member or colleague during their mourning time. These sweet treats can help bring happy moments.

16. Feather shaped dish

A stylish feather shaped dish is a more attractive way to remember a special one. Its heavenly white hue and pleasing style will match all decorations. It offers a position to keep keys, precious stones, and other objects. You can also add a personalised engraving to make this bereavement present even more unique.

17. Sun catcher

A sun catcher is another exceptional gift that can allow the grieving colleague or family member to feel comfort rays. It’s a special glass featuring high-spirited colours that draw up a warm feeling. You could additionally get it engraved with a note, such as “I’ll love you forever.”

With its enchanting design, the sun catcher can be suspended on a window or door. This gift will feature a stunning remembrance of your sympathy and help every time the sun shines. Garden sun catchers can also be given as gifts.

18. Customised memory candle

A memory candle can also make an excellent gift. You only need to buy a pillar candle and imprint a customised vellum sleeve for that memory candle. Use the deceased’s image, religious passage, and a personalised message/poem that consoles the bereaved. The overall process is an easy task that illustrates your thought to a special one.

19. Pampering gift basket

When it comes to bereavement gift ideas for women a pamper gift is a common thought. Get together a gift basket featuring spa products to assist the family members or a grieving friend get a peaceful relaxation moment. You can come up with unique bath bombs or buy your desired pampering items.

A pampering gift is a comforting present that any family member or colleague who may have helped at the funeral will appreciate.

20. Tea sampler

A tea sample also forms a remarkable bereavement gift. You can buy a herbal tea sample box from various retailers. Moreover, you can consider giving this gift out along with a teapot or special mug. It is advisable not to purchase caffeine teas, as bereavement can drive it more challenging for some individuals to sleep.

21. Perfume

The scent of a nice fragrance is often appreciated by many people. Perfume is a centuries old universal gift for both male and females. Maybe someone has helped you organise the funeral and you know that they like a particular fragrance; in this case it would make an ideal bereavement gift for him or her.

22. Lavender neck pillow

A lavender neck pillow can be gently warmed in a microwave oven and can provide a relaxing soothing moment for the user while they are sitting back watching television or reading, even talking to someone else. This is more suited to a bereavement gift for her, as generally women prefer the aroma of lavender.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging in finding what to do or words to say when a family member or colleague is grieving. However, a bereavement present/gift is a thoughtful approach when conveying your consolation and help/support.

Actions mostly express a deeper message than words, which becomes even more important when grieving. Consider the above bereavement gifts to remember loved ones. Note that you can send them along with flowers to ensure the memorial will stay beyond the funeral day, and offer consolation.

This article was originally published on the Save Funeral Costs website.




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