Clean the Desk, Clean the Mind

Hello friends,

Dropping in to say that I spent the day reading, brainstorming, and de-cluttering my office.

Not my office…but just as cluttered.

Sometimes I find that when my productivity slows down, and I begin to spin on what to do next, it’s time to clean up the office.

By doing so, I also clean out the brain, and minimize the distractions around me. I’ve always had a sense of this; I suppose most people do. But it really works.

The office isn’t clean, yet, but I did weed out a bunch of old books from my bookshelves that I’m going to donate to St. Vincent de Paul charity tomorrow. I have probably several hundred more in the basement that need to be gone through, too, but I’ll get to them after I finish in the office.

So, my advice, if you’re stuck on what to do next, or just feel overwhelmed by the piles of shit on your desk, eliminate them! Clean that shit up! It really helps.

See y’all tomorrow.

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