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Steve Blethyn
Jun 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Bloody Paparazzi get it wrong again

An Emergency Medic, Instructor in First Aid, Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Life Support has trekked 75 miles to help install a new public access defibrillator in the heart of his community.

Steve Blethyn decided to take part in the ‘Radstock to Radstock’ challenge after the bar manager at the Earley Radstock Social Club lost his brother-in-law to a heart problem.

The 53-year-old, who is also works at Radstock Primary School, is hoping to raise over £1,000 by walking from Radstock in Somerset to Earley Radstock Social Club over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Although there are potentially three of the life-saving devices nearby at any given time, two of these would be locked away in the school depending on the time of day.

He said: “I may live next to the club, but I am walking from the other Radstock, the one where a large dragonfly fossil was found, and the school got its dragonfly logo.”

“The bar manager Martin Anderton lost his brother-in-law Neil Emmett to a heart problem and this may or may not have been avoidable if a defibrillator was nearby.”

“If the school is shut, which it is when the club is open, and I am out working, then the members of the club and local residents have no access to a device that could potentially save someones life before the arrival of an ambulance or community responder. Hopefully it sits there gathering dust and is never used, but if just one person’s life is saved because it is available then my feet will have earned a soak.”

No stranger to challenges, Steve has also walked from Glasgow to Reading, Buckingham Palace to the Mad Stad (two Royal homes) TWICE, across the Himalayas and been a medic on five of the seven continents.

Generous donations from friends and members of the club have been pouring in for Steve, who posted regular updates on his progress on social media before arriving back at the club on Monday evening.

Steve, who owns Beyond First Aid, an event cover and first aid training company, added: “Sudden Cardiac Arrest is something that could happen to anyone at any age. I own defibrillators as part of my work, but if I am not around, then it is vital that the local residents have access to one.”

Visit: to donate.

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