7 Reasons Nobody Ever Has A Perfect Bracket

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You can bet your bottom dollar that Warren Buffet would be less than ecstatic if he had to dole out a billion dollars to some jokester who probably played “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” to choose his 8–9 games. So, why was he able to offer his billion dollar bracket challenge? What is it that makes March Madness so unpredictable? Why, even though millions are filled out each year, has nobody ever come close to having a perfect bracket?

Here are my top 7 reasons the tournament is such a crapshoot…

  1. They’re College Kids. Even though there’s no doubt that some of these kids are studs, they’re still nowhere close to being fully developed. You’re not going to see many college players driving to the hoop and throwing down two handed jams, and the few that can aren’t doing it on a consistent basis yet.
  2. Single Elimination. If the NCAA tournament had a 3 or 5 game series each round instead of single elimination (which would be awful), there would definitely be a lot less upsets. As much as it may seem like it, the committee that selects and seeds all the teams isn’t full of crap. The higher seeded teams are, for the most part, more talented and overall better teams. Single elimination just makes it much easier for underdogs to triumph.
  3. 3-Point Shooting. It wins and loses games. Any team with a few halfway decent shooters can get hot and shoot it’s way to a win. On the flip side, if you’re a team that relies on 3-point shooting and the shots aren’t falling, it’s not going to end well no matter who you’re playing.
  4. THEY’RE COLLEGE KIDS. Most of these kids are 20. Think about what you were doing at 20 years old. I’m 20 and I get nervous to present my history project in front of the class. Playing in front of TV audiences of millions (most of which bet money on you); no way I’m doing that until I can at least celebrate with a beer after the game.
  5. History Motivates. This tournament has such a great history of upsets that underdogs come in with a ton of confidence now. Even if they could barely beat the rinky dink 2,000 student college during the regular season, it’s March and anything could happen. “Oh we’re playing Duke? It’s fine, they’ve been upset before.”
  6. Unknown Coaches. Coaching is such a huge part of college basketball, and really makes a difference during tight games in March. With 351 D1 basketball programs out there, there’s bound to be a few diamonds in the rough when it comes to coaches. Often times the small time coaches that win enough in March will get picked up by bigger schools.
  7. THEY’RE IN COLLEGE!!! Most their age are passed out drunk on the beach in Panama city, not providing entertainment for all of America..
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