Why Am I Unable To Stay Focused?

Instant Gratification. Being present is harder then ever now.

A little over 10 years ago, having a cell phone was rare.

Now, everyone now has their phone in arms reach at all times.

Nobody watches live tv or commercials anymore…. they are on their phones. If there has to be a commercial, it is the biggest inconvenience for us!

Now we have instant access to internet, tv can be watched own your own time, as well as music. Right now we all have such easy access to technology. We are becoming a product of technology, and it is not going anywhere sometime soon.

In order for you to accomplish work, remove all distractions. Anytime you check your phone/email/fb etc it takes many minutes to get back to work… The goal is to get into “deep work”.

In deep work, you are fully focused. You may put time constraints on your task. You are working with a purpose. You understand the desired outcome. Give it a shot, put your phone on do not disturb for 30 minutes or an hour and only focus on your task. I guarantee you will see an increase in production. It is very easy to get sidetracked. It sounds so simple to remove all distractions, but it will change the way you work.

Action Steps

  1. Determine how long your task will take

2. Know the outcome of your task

3. Remove all distractions from your work environment

4. Self Access- how did you do? Reflect and improve

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