Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
John Risby

I am a victim of technical problems but also a proud recipient of some very good customer service from Apple. The process took a long time, but I was aided by the owners of an independent dealer of Apple products. Another independent person was the phone representative from Apple, who was willing to bend some rules to get me a replacement for my “late 2011” MacBook Pro at the end of 2015. That ability to bend is the key to keeping satisfied customers.

I also know from online discussions that the particular model had a sordid history and was likely going to be the subject of a class-action lawsuit. Ultimately, perhaps that was the factor that led the company rep’s flexibilty.

I am a winner for now, but companies can’t be trusted. Too bad that I can’t say everyone will have my good fortune. That is sad. I salute John for holding this company to accountability. And I salute those who changed the company’s attitute in my case.

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