How To Fix Your Digestion, and Fat Loss

Watermelon, best had topless.

You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb. If your digestion is poor than body recomposition (fat loss and muscle gain) will prove difficult.

Digestion is not just about your chewing your food, although that really helps. Its also about the fundamental process of your stomach lining breaking down foods and deciding what gets in and what gets out.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been not let into a bar or restaurant, I would have a quite a few dollars. But normally this can be solved by getting a good looking woman to come with you next time. The stomach however, isn’t that simple.

It can take 18 months for the stomach to fully heal itself. A good way to think about how delicate your stomach lining is, is to put your little finger on the back of your eyelid and feel how delicate the skin is there. That’s how fragile your stomach lining is. And lets be honest, we really test it out.

Stomach bloating is an inflammatory response, just like when you roll your ankle. It swells up. Therefore, your immune system has been compromised and insulted so it responds by pumping fluid and cytokines into the area. As you can imagine, it’s not good for your stomach to be constantly bloating up.

Inflammation triggers fat gain.

Here are some easy ways to reduce your gut inflammation and therefore improve your fat loss potential:

  1. Find a probiotic that works for you (I really like Bioceuticals Ultrabiotic 45)
  2. Eat sauerkraut or kimchi with your meals.
  3. Take a tablespoon of glutamine (an amino acid) first thing in the morning
  4. Take a medium dose (5 capsules) of curcumin (very powerful anti in flammatory — the active ingredient of numeric and far better absorption). Make sure it has black pepper extract in it.
  5. Think about your meals. Take some time to prepare them. Be mindful when you are about to eat. We don’t have to hunt and kill our food anymore. So we don’t anticipate. Part of the anticipation process is increased salivation. Saliva helps you digest your food better. So when we rush our eating we don’t salivate like we could. Our stomach is not as prepared to take in foreign material like it was was when we didn’t have supermarkets and we had to go through a longer process to obtain our food. Think about your food before you eat it. Plan meals and consider them when you are eating them.

If you need any help with a sensible plan that helps with your digestion and weight loss, inbox me and I would love to help.