Loser’s Mindset vs Winner’s Mindset

El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina, and me.

Have you ever noticed, the people who tend to fail over and over again with their diets and body change efforts are the one’s that think purchasing products over working really hard is how the winner’s do it?

Some supplementation has it’s place, and for the right person, nutrition products (super greens powders come to mind) can be great. But to pretend that they can replace months and years of hard work in your training and diet will result in complete failure in the mid to long term.

We overcompensate for our lack of dedication and effort by buying diet products and supplements because we’re insecure about ourselves. We feel like we can never be as good as the who’s who of instagram, which leads us to make small nutritional mistakes which snowball over time.

Instead of understanding the nature of successful people’s success (extreme dedication, effort, and systematic approaches), we pour mountains of money into supplements, detox programs, juicing protocols and all kinds of things the companies say will help us to look and feel the way we want to look and feel.

Every continued purchase is paramount to a last ditch effort. And last ditch efforts rarely work.

People say they want to look a certain way, and be a certain way, but what they really mean is that they want the pleasure and ease of having it, without the pain of creating it. It’s literally the most common goal humans have.

A loser’s highest value, when it comes to their body, is therefore pleasure. The pleasure of having your body look and feel a certain way, so that it can say something about how successful you are, and how powerful you must be. Pleasure unfortunately, doesn’t make for long lasting happiness and fulfilment. If you are trying to get an Instagram body simply for the pleasure of being hot, you will eventually need to look for deeper reasons. You have a newer part of your brain, your neo-cortex, which requires a deeper stimulus in order to fulfil it.

Welcome to the contemporary physiological paradigm, where we all want to have perfect bodies and be insta-fabulous, beautiful millionaires but don’t realise we are being sold into the slavery of constant product consumerism, trumped up by social media influencers and marketing companies.

The inconvenient truth is that it requires years of consistent dedication to change the way your body looks in a meaningful way, given that this is what you really want. Is it perhaps more likely that you think, given your self diagnosed woeful internal inadequacies, that if you did have the perfect body, everything else in your life would become perfect also? If that is the case then the marketing companies certainly have done a fine job.

The fact is you won’t change your body in any lasting way by doing a detox or some nutrition program designed by a company, and you won’t change it by spending hundreds of dollars on supplements the influencers told you to buy (although I will concede that consideration needs to be paid to supplementation on a case by case basis).

Nope, the real problem isn’t your lack of having the perfect body. Your problem is you’re in the market for a hack.

Did you ever get the feeling when reading about the mega-successful celebrity with the perfect body that:

  1. They never did anything especially notable to obtain that body and success
  2. They never had to go through a journey similar to you yourself and overcome internal question marks and inadequacy chatter

The difference between winners and losers is that winners value the process and the hard work itself over the outcome, the parties, the accolades and the success. In many ways, they value the pain. The pain of self control, of willpower, of internal mastery, and of creating systems.

We all have things in our own life which give us pain that we are willing to go through. However realising that on some level, we must apply some degree of pain to our diets and training habits is something most of us aren’t willing to acknowledge. We made it far too easy for ourselves to stay alive during our week. We have all the food in the world, plenty of money to buy it with, cars to take us where we want to go, and computers to, well, basically do everything for us. We took the pain we used to experience during times gone by, and scienced our way out of it. We took that pain and hid it away in hospitals and old peoples homes.

Your body we be, what you are willing to do for it. A beautiful body is great and thats cool if thats what you value. But not all values are equal. Reinforcing self worth and confidence outside of the way your body looks should be your priority. You can do this most successfully be reading veraciously, helping others and having a great circle of influences.

Winners are motivated by a desire to love the process, employ systems based approaches to change, and by valuing internal self worth rather than the external pleasure of having a great body.