The Top 365 business books of all-time

Happy New Year!

To start off 2018 on the right foot, I’m making a big commitment — and making it publicly.

I’ll be reading and summarizing 365 of the best business books of all-time. That’s one per day, for every day in 2018.

I’ll be following a plan, with each day of the week devoted to a critical business discipline:

  • Monday = Leadership/Management
  • Tuesday = Sales
  • Wednesday = Marketing
  • Thursday = Personal Development
  • Friday = Creativity/Innovation/Trends
  • Saturday = Entrepreneurship
  • Sunday = Human Capital

I’ll be keeping track of the books here, so each day you come back there will be a new book listed, with a link to a separate post with some of my notes from the book.

If you think other people you know would find this valuable, please share the link to this page with your network. Muchas gracias.




Personal Development




  • January 7 = The Fifth Discipline
  • January 14 = Breakthrough Rapid Reading
  • Coming January 21 = Making It Stick

What to do next

If you like what you see and want the full summary from each of these books, head on over to and take a trial.