Today’s 60-Second Book Brief: Extreme Productivity by Robert Pozen

Robert Pozen wrote the book Extreme Productivity in order to help us understand how to boost our results while reducing our hours.

First, we need to articulate and rank our goals. Once you’ve done that, take a time inventory and figure out where you are spending most of your time. If it’s not on your most important goals, you need to readjust.

Second, we need to focus on the final product. Whatever projects you are taking on in order to help you advance towards your most important goals, you need to always keep in mind the end result you are hoping the project will produce.

Third, we need to make sure that we don’t sweat the small stuff 
by using the OHIO Method: Only Handle It Once. This prevents us from doubling or tripling the amount of time we spend on these low-priority items, which we can then use to work towards our most important goals.

Master these three skills and you’ll be on your way to becoming extremely productive.

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