Today’s 60-Second Book Brief: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

One of the best leadership metaphors ever created just happens to be the title of Simon Sinek’s latest book: Leaders Eat Last.

In the Marines (not a place you could accuse of being “warm and fuzzy”) the leaders actually do eat last. True leaders, they believe, put the needs of the people they lead above their own.

Your best bet for creating success for yourself over the long run is by subverting it to the needs of your team today.

Here are just a few ways that the world’s best leaders put this advice into action:

  1. They give employees more control over their work — it reduces their stress, and produces better results.
  2. They give their time to help their people, not just rewards and bonuses.
  3. They allow their employees to see the first hand impact of how their work impacts customers, so they can find more meaning in their work.
  4. They understand that the work environment has a direct impact on their team’s health and well-being. They cultivate the environment accordingly.

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