Today’s Book Brief: Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

Sally Hogshead tells us in Fascinate that it’s no longer good enough to create a great product or service, you need to fascinate people beyond the realm of rationality.

How? With the 7 triggers of fascination.

Trigger lust by injecting some feeling into your brand and by using as many senses as you can.

Trigger mystique by withholding information, building mythology and limiting access to your brand.

Trigger alarm by defining the consequences of not taking action (the more serious the better) and creating a deadline for action.

Trigger prestige developing emblems that display a degree of unattainability, set a new standard, and limit availability.

Trigger power by getting people to give up control of basic elements of a situation, so that they are much more likely to submit to significant change.

Trigger vice by convincing people to do things they know they shouldn’t, but still just might do.

Trigger trust through familiarity, either through branding or associated yourself with another brand or experience.

Is it working?

Fascinating messages provoke strong and immediate emotional reactions, create advocates, incite conversation, and force competitors to align around it.

If you have those things, congratulations — you have created a fascinating brand.

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