Today’s Book Brief: The Winner’s Brain by Jeff Brown & Mark Fenske

Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske wrote The Winner’s Brain to teach us the 8 strategies that great minds use to achieve success. Here’s what they do differently than the rest of us.

  1. Self-awareness. Winners are aware of how they relate to the rest of the world, and how the rest of the world relates to them.
  2. Motivation. Winners use motivation to slide over obstacles, even when the rewards are a long way off.
  3. Focus. Winners are able to focus under a wide variety of circumstances.
  4. Emotional balance. Winners make their emotions work for them instead of against them.
  5. Memory. Winners use memory to help them anticipate the future and adapt well to novel circumstances.
  6. Resilience. When winners fail, they get up at least one more time than everyone else.
  7. Adaptability. Winners embrace the fact that their brain keeps changing based on how they use it.
  8. Brain care. Winners take good care of their brains with the right foods and the right amount of sleep and exercise.

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