Today’s 60-Second Book Brief: Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals by Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden wrote the book Winning Body Language For Sales Professionals to help us understand how we can use the unspoken word to drive more revenue. Here are 4 lessons we can all take to heart.

  1. Use the Truth Plane. By holding your hands around your mid-section in an open manner while you are speaking, those around you will be more likely to believe what you say.
  2. Use the Door Plane. Imagine standing directly in the frame of a door. Now, depending on your goals you lean forward slightly to appear more aggressive, or lean backwards slightly to appear more passive.
  3. Give the Upper Hand. When shaking hands, allow the other person’s hand to be on top if you want them to feel dominant, or put yours on top if you want to have the upper hand in the situation.
  4. Dress for Success. A good rule of thumb is to go for “mirror” + one, where you dress one notch more formally than your prospect or customer.

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