I Watched The Conjuring 2.

An actual photo of Janet Hodgson from a haunting in London.

Last night I started watching The Conjuring 2 starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. It was late and my fiance had fallen asleep and it was time to throw on another movie to take me to a different place mentally before that place eventually merged with dreams. It began with a scene from the often recreated scene from the Amityville murders, peaking with a white face painted nun and four possessed children and a screaming Vera Farmiga which is probably my favorite Vera Farmiga. I started to drift off as the film went forward to show a couple of girls at a British school and then a stuttering brother, and lots of what was happening on screen filtered between pre-dream thoughts and eventual dream thoughts. Until I heard a voice whisper ‘This is my house.’

“Nope. Not watching this tonight,” I thought as I quickly changed the PS4 over to Spotify and listened to some Tim Hecker to find myself within a safe and glitchy space to sleep among.

I woke the next morning and picked up a bit before where I’d left off, which took me through a well orchestrated little scene of standard fare modern horror. This began a quasi-predictable back and forth of ghost talking, terror imagery and children running. It was fine, overall, probably a movie I wouldn’t watch again or recommend, but one that certainly did well to give me that awful feeling of victimization just moments before I fell into a deep sleep with a single whisper.