Help Me Kill The Kardashians
Ezinne Ukoha

Initially I had mild intrigue in the Kardashians. I had seen Kim’s tape, and found it curious how we went from sex tape disgrace, sex tape sold to vivid, to a show on E. It didn’t take long for my interest to fade and for me to forget about their nonsense. I would check in time to time when I heard a new familiar name enter the mix, Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom, Kanye West, but usually for an episode then fade right back out.

For me they meant nothing, although I thought each of the sisters was relatively attractive it didn’t move me beyond that. I did notice the obsession the country had with either loving or hating this family. I could also see that the obsession with the family was making the family richer and richer. Even if people hated them they watched the shows and the spin off shows, and talked about them on social media, and left comments on websites, with that sort of advertising how could they not keep it going?

It all came to a head for me with Bruce Jenner and his transition. They turned something so private and intimate, emotional, awkward, difficult, and a host of other things into a complete spectacle to the point where I still question Caitlin’s sincerity in all this.

My point is I agree with you, their show should die a quick death and lets be done with them and their nonsense. Also while we’re wielding the sword of reality show death lets decapitate all “The Real Housewives”, “Love and Hip Hop”, “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”, MTV (do they still exist?), that terrible show with Jermaine Dupree and kid rappers, and anything resembling Honey Boo Boo. It doesn’t fix everything but it is a start to making America Great Again.

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