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Strategic gambling & withdrawals to maximize profit & cut risk.

Vlog 1

Hello, my name’s Steve & I have spent the last 2 years studying & gambling in small ways in crypto currencies & all things crypto!

I have a background in teaching and property development both in UK & other countries.

First of all I must say I am not a professional financial adviser and these are my opinions only. Any money you gamble should be only what you can afford to lose & you must be prepared to lose it all.

Risk & reward is the name of the game — as indeed it is with the stock market or many other gambling areas. This is all akin to putting money on a horse, — I look upon it as an educated gamble.

Knowledge is strength! Gamble on Lending Platforms from a position of informed strategy!

Glean what you can from my experiences! Tilt the gambling odds a little more in your favour!

Some say” investment” as on the stock markets some disagree but I will use the term “gambling” on any stock market or currency dealings!

We all know that the dollar can collapse & with 40% of world trade carried out in dollars then world calamity can follow, with these platforms any negative aspects affect far fewer people to a lesser degree.

I am not getting any younger & want to make money fast without having to work too hard — don’t we all! So now I have identified some ways to make this work.

There are many ways I have looked at within the crypto area to do just that and now I want to share my findings with you to help you start or just give you a better informed chance.

Within the crypto area there are the following ways to gamble: either by mining crypto currencies through mining platforms or mining by yourself with the aid of your own hardware / trading crypto currencies / buying & holding crypto currencies long term (ie. 5 years or so) / lending platforms of which there are various types.

Today I want to look at lending platforms. With these you gamble money to buy packages or shares & the platform will use your money to trade or finance its own crypto business. The attraction is that they pay out usually at least 1% per day on your gambling stake and as much as 2% in some cases!

This means that within a set period of time which is usually around 60–70 days you receive back, about 150% of your gambling stake.

With many you are able to withdraw your funds at any time, but some give you the opportunity to lock in your funds for a specific time to gain extra interest.

Your strategy can vary and that is the subject of another video but here I will just say that the whole idea of these platforms is to leave your gambling stake in place so that it will accrue interest on a compound basis.

This is the exciting part, as compound interest can result in huge gains over a year or more from your original gamble. We will look, in future Vlogs, at some real case examples as we explore our different platforms.

I have carefully watched each new platform’s performance and noted the 5 best ones for me.

My criteria include ease of use, transparency (this must in itself be taken at face value as most information is given by the founders who are not exactly impartial!) of the whole site including the founders & staff, the percentage amount paid on your initial gamble, which country the site is registered in & nationality of founders, the ease of withdrawals & the way they make their cut of the money.

The 5 I have chosen are as follows in no particular order of merit :

Number 1 GoExPro

2 Trend Whizz

3 Adblast

4 FutureAdPro & 5 Diversity Fund Club.

5 Novachain