Musings on Princess Leia’s Bikini
Emma Lindsay

Every time I see a piece on “objectification,” I suspect that lurking beneath it is a subtext: that if we can get rid of beauty pageants, revealing costumes, catcalls, porn, high heels, models and skimpy swimsuits, we can eventually condition men to stop caring about attractiveness, and maybe even create a world where men are content to have asexual relationships.

I think people who buy into that scenario would say you’re not helping. But of course that fantasy runs headlong into hard-wired biology. Not gonna happen.

On the other hand, I strongly suspect what’s making the “Men’s Rights” guys so angry isn’t the absence of the “forward” women you picture in films. I suspect it’s their rarity in real life. And the ones that do exist have silly hang-ups like being faithful, not being abusive, being considerate, and other trivia, plus they tend to have much more attractive men to choose from. What the Men’s Rights crowd want is women willing to waive quality control entirely.