More predictable bullshit.
Wil Wheaton

For one thing, people, get literate. Selling secrets to ISIS or the Taliban, or going off to fight with them, might constitute treason. We’re not at war with Russia so it’s very hard to commit treason by dealing with them. Treason is a very rare offense in U.S. history. Even the Rosenbergs were convicted of espionage, not treason.

Arguably, the most recent actual treason in U.S. history was the anti-war activists in the 1960’s who openly cheered for the Communist forces in Vietnam. But even using the term back then generated ferocious blowback.

I would be a whole lot more impressed if someone would tell me what Trump and his minions actually did. They were looking for dirt on Clinton to shovel to people who already believed she ran a pedophile ring and bit the heads off live kittens. Wow. That’s a hard sell, like selling vodka in Yakutsk in the dead of winter.

Frankly, Trump would have been a lot better off by simply letting the Right wing blogosphere churn out fantasies, as it actually did. Five million illegal votes? Of course!

And then there’s “covfefe.” Trump is nominating technically illiterate people to top posts and you’re still trying to figure out what some nonsense word in a Tweet was supposed to be. Priorities, people.

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