The New York Times Is Very, Very Concerned About You
Caitlin Johnstone

Look, the people in charge on the right are wacked-out lunatics. I consider the core conservative values to be honesty, frugality and responsible stewardship, and personal responsibility, and I don’t see any of that around.

But you’re not giving me any reason to take you seriously, either. Latest flap: Kellogg’s Sugar Pops has been called out for “racist” art on its box. Because in a scene involving animated Sugar Pops, the one pushing a floor sweeper is brown. Are you f****** kidding me? You’re competent to put up an alternative leader when you care about nonsense like that? These people are drooling idiots to match any of the Trumpistas.

Oh, and NYT? If I see that an link goes to you, I just ignore it. Because I don’t need my page graying out after five seconds.