Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming
Charles Scalfani

There are these things called Cascading Style Sheets, where if you create a style, it inherits everything else from pre-existing style sheets. If you define your text as red, the font, size, and style all are inherited from whatever is already defined. Sort of like Inheritance. So once you define something, it should stay that way until you specifically change it, right?

So tell that to the idiots who create text editors that preface every single line of text with endless redefinitions of font, style, color, and whatever else you’re already using. (Create a post on Blogspot and view your text in HTML for an example.)

And in many editors, if you create a table, every single cell has its width specified, even though specifying the column width ought to take care of it. Needless to say, you also get your font, size, color, etc. redefined as well.