Advice for College Freshmen

Steven Engravalle
Jan 5, 2018 · 1 min read

I proudly attended Ramapo College of New Jersey and majored in Literature (i.e., English) and Teacher Education. As my daughter was entering Ramapo College in the Fall of 2011, she asked me what advice I would give her as an incoming freshman. What I told her is what I would tell all students entering college:

  1. Don’t join clubs and organizations; lead them;
  2. Be a teaching assistant for a semester;
  3. Seek out an internship, or shadow a prominent figure in your field long before graduation or senior year;
  4. Work a part-time job; and
  5. Volunteer.

To her credit, my daughter has followed my advice and accomplished all of the above and more. School is what you make of it, and especially in college, there are so many opportunities to grow and thrive. If you feel inclined, pass along my advice to those you care about, and help them make their own luck.

Steven Engravalle

Written by

Chief Education Officer | Consultant | 21st Century School Leader | Past-State Chair of the Technology | EdTech Innovator | Lead Learner | Speaker

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