Steven Engravalle
Jan 10, 2018 · 2 min read
Finally, a resource for all of the awesome things Google Home can do

If you are like me, and millions of others, you bought or received a Google Home or Google Home Mini this holiday season. I bought and gifted several of these amazing new smart speakers, and I must say that I love them!

I have also enjoyed trying to figure out all of the interesting functions of my shiny new devices, and although I had some luck exploring, I was really looking for a resource directly from Google. Unfortunately, finding out all that Google Home and Google Assistant can actually do has not been easy.

Thankfully, Google has recognized this and posted a Google Assistant and Actions searchable directory detailing everything that Google Assistant can do and all the apps and services it is currently compatible with.

Google’s new web directory of Google Assistant commands and integrations

The directory covers over 1 million things to try with Google Assistant including commands and integrations for the more than 1,500 smart devices from 200+ brands Google Assistant already works or is compatible with. With categories and subcategories such as Art & Lifestyle, Home Control, Travel & Transportation, and Weather, it it much more than merely a list of commands and is quite comprehensive.

Check it out of yourself at

Source: Google

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