What if…

…you just kept building?

Even when there is blood in the streets.

Even in the face of amazing teams dissolving and people going back to fiat mining.

For those of us who have dedicated our lives to this movement, we have to keep moving.

The market has taken it’s toll on all of us.

Especially the Block Producer and Witness communities.

But we just keep building because it’s what we do.

In this industry… some ideas haunt you.

They keep you up at night.

They get you up in the morning.

The right ideas are worth fighting for.

Today marks a significant milestone for the EOS ecosystem!

After almost a year of tireless work by Dan, Bart, Thomas, Brenden, Dave and the whole Block One team to provide the global community with one of the most scalable open source blockchain platforms ever released, Dawn 4.0 is just a week (or so) away.

By @sf2

As the EOS referendum UIs and underlying vote tallying infrastructure nears completion, everyone is excited to see the governance layer of EOS unlocked and the process of rallying support for a proposal, getting it voted in by a 2/3 + 1 majority of BPs so it is implemented on the Mainnet will soon be a reality.

In my initial proposal on the referendum process, I collected some of the preliminary discussions and concerns I heard in the community and solicited public feedback to see what people thought.

I then posted my thoughts on the best way to attack…

By @sf2

With just over 3 months since the mainnet launch, EOS is rapidly growing it’s users and developer community.

At the time of this article being written, EOS has reached over 20,000,000 irreversible blocks and a consistent throughput of around 3996 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

Even more impressive is the growing active user base. As of today, the top 10 EOS dApps has over 24,822 active users, close to 4 times the active users for the top 10 dApps on Etherum currently. (source).

Not bad for our first 90 days!

EOS dApp Developer Resources

Our work is not done though, it’s just starting…

One of the biggest pitfalls in communication is language. When we speak a common language, we communicate more effectively.

If we are going to drive adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and turn this movement around from the rampant negativity and speculation we see in the markets, we need to shift our dialogue toward execution.

It’s about more than tokens.

We in the west often forget that EOS has the potential to be transformative in the developing world.

Some of the best and brightest engineers and entrepreneurs ever seen in the cryptosphere have emerged to take part in a global consensus the likes this world has never seen before.

by @sf2

As EOS takes it’s first steps over the last few weeks many issues with the constitution, vote distribution, the worker proposal system and referendum contract needed to fix many of the problems people are complaining about have become painfully apparent. We are not focusing enough on educating and activating the token holders AKA — the users of the EOS network, nearly enough.

If we expect to change the things we don’t like about the system, we have to help make them a lot more palatable than what we have been serving up to the general public.

That starts…

By @sf2

It’s been an interesting year.

When I set out on this adventure last January, I had no idea where it would take me.

I just jumped in head first and put all my heart into it like everything I do.

If you would have told me 10 months ago this journey would take me on a 5–6 month long, non-stop international trip spanning six continents, I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but I would have been up for the challenge all the same.

If you told me my design, ideas and contributions would be heard across the world…

Hey everyone. Here are some highlights from my adventures in EOS in 2018. Enjoy. I now work with Fractal, you can find me there.

Just a little over 4 months since the process began, the EOS Referendum Working Group is pleased to invite the EOS community to join us in testing the beta release of our referendum system. This marks a major milestone in the EOS ecosystem and the ongoing evolution of it’s governance system as a whole.

The EOS Referendum Working Group is pleased to invite the EOS community to join us in testing the beta release of our referendum system.

The group met Tuesday, November 6 for a go/no-go vote following a week of hard work on closing outstanding showstopper issues. While there’s still work to be done to get the tool ready for mission-critical referendum proposals, we’ve reached a point where we have a working product that’s ready to be put through its paces by the broader community.

During the beta period, we’ll be focused on testing and refining. We’ll be monitoring the results of…

Fresh off the heels of Denver, Co and Dallas, TX we are happy to announce our next workshop in Olso, Norway during Crypto Finance 2018.

If you were unaware of the Block Producer Summit being held at Crypto Finance, or the Crypto Finance event itself being put on by the folks at @Bitspace, you should definitely check that out!

Steve Floyd

Design Strategist, Blockchain Geek, Father— stevefloyd.me

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