3 Dudes Wrote Wonder Woman & I’m Gonna Have Some Thoughts About That
Shani Silver

I really liked the movie and felt that one of the reasons was that Diana Prince is written and acted so well as a warrior with a firm grasp of right and wrong and no willingness to blur this divide.
I was also a bit puzzled about all male writers. I would say that the credited writers are all male, but I am suspecting that there are more writers than the 3 mentioned and at least some of them must be women. I have no unique knowledge of the writing team and it doesn’t negate your main point.
I also thought that not only was Diana a good role model for girls and women, Steve was a good role model for boys and men. He treats Diana with respect. He doesn’t take advantage of her naivete, but gently educates her on modern rules and most importantly, he steps aside and lets her take the lead where it is clear she is more capable.

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