Racial pride

What does it mean to be proud of your race. Well for one it’s the feeling of knowing that your race has contributed something meaningful to society as a whole. That they help extend life and helped make new cures and medical breakthroughs, for the good of humanity.

But it begs the question do the ends justify the means?? If I discovered the cure for cancer, and all it cost was the lives of 500 or more people who had no say in the matter or no control over their own lives. Does that make me a hero. I mean their not even human right???

Dr j. Marion Sims The “father of gynecology “ is known as a great man and his techniques revolutionize the women reproductive health movement. Again at what cost. Sims experimented on enslaved women and children, brutally cutting them without their consent and without anesthesia. Can you imagine the pain and suffering those victims went through? No antiseptic just raw cutting and pain. Young black babies were butchered as well their lives didn’t matter. So yeah we have gynecology at the expense of countless innocence. To be proud of something like this is absolutely horrifying. To be proud of your race is to understand how you got to where you are. Most importantly how many suffered and died because of your actions.

Butchering and killing humans is nothing to be proud of no matter how you try to word it. It was and still is terrorism, and for those who still seek to embrace and try to bring it back your nothing more then terrorist. Not all people of a race think the same way, but they all benefit from the lives lost due to those acts of terror.

To be proud is to acknowledge the past actions that got you to where you are now. If one can honestly look back in the past and proclaim pride in those actions, one should ask him/her self what it means to be human, and does that definition define you.

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