Augustiner Braustubl Beer Garden Salzburg, Austria

Steve Garfield
Oct 1, 2016 · 3 min read

Austria’s biggest beer tavern

At the foot of the Mönchsberg, in Salzburg’s Mülln neighbourhood, beer has been brewed and then enjoyed amongst social circles since 1621.

With an indoor seating area of 5.000 m2, the Bräustübl tavern and Brewery is Austria’s largest and boasts a further 1400 seats in the outdoor beer garden.

The beer is drawn from wooden barrels and served in stone jugs, or steins. Regional and traditional dishes can be bought directly from various food stands in the “Schmankerlgang” (Delicatessen arcade) which is set up to resemble a traditional marketplace.

We loved this beer garden. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but that’s the fun of it.

Once you make your way inside there are all knids of places to get food. Then you walk through all the different halls where you can sit down and eat and drink beer. But first you have to buy your ticket, which allows you to buy the beer. After you buy a ticket you go over to this really old type of fountain where you rinse off your glass, and then you approach a man who is pouring beer out of wooden kegs. When I got there, the keg ran out, so he had to tap a new keg. This was really cool that it happeend at the moment I got there. He takes a big huge wound mallet, and then takes the tap, places it at the bunghole of the keg, and hammers it in. A new keg is tapped. That’s the beer I got. It was very exciting. Then once you get your beer, you can either go back to the beer halls that are inside, or go outside. It’s really crazy that this big huge area is at the end of the whole maze of hallways and stairs to get into this place. It’s a fantastic experience.

How to find Augustiner Braustubl Beer Garden Salzburg, Austria by Steve Garfield 10/1/2016

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