. Gulph of Aeden

. (First draught / single scene concepts)

“There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea against the side of the ship. At that time you can be equal to Ulysses and brother to him.” Errol Flynn (Actor)

Copyright by SJG Productions (September 2017)


Copyright by SJG Productions (September 2017)


The year is 2037: It is a time of extreme revolt. Mans Perception of time is changing. Corrupt controllers of the financial mechanism ruling the globe are challenged by a new breed of courage. A people with hearts and courage of wolves now sail our seas… and these packs grow strong.

Greed is always ready to take hold in other forms as the unloved and the lost conspire new ways to control and suppress man for profits, but the conscious and pure of heart continue to fight for a brighter cleaner safer future where man is mans best friend.

The days of debt and currency control are numbered but whilst corporate leadership remains unstable political and economic transparency still eludes the people and the war against the controllers of the machine continues.

Whilst truth cures the blind the awakened open their sore eyes to a new darkness, hesitating to join the plight of new hope. Whilst the rebellion form their battle lines with cunning and ingenuity they prepare to unveil the identities of the unloved war hungered powers whose long veils shroud unspeakable deeds… until now. For those who vanquish them the venom that flowed through the hearts and minds of the lost and unloved takes hold of its new hosts


Most shall succumb to this darkness…but not all.

Let Love be their armour,

Let Love pick this fight

Love for every neighbour

Will be the one true plight.

Afraid no more of fighting

Men stand souls of the brave

Against greed bound mighty monsters

Foul wealth upon the waves

But out o’ the distant thunder

A new found man of few

Ride out to where dark forces rise

They fight for our Earth anew…

…In Love They Trust. As One.

#AsOne #GulphOfAden

Act 1

Scene (?)

Egypt – Suez River

Day. Sea Bed.

We follow a fish as it moves along the ocean floor dappled with broken sun beams. We take on the viewpoint of the fish along the ocean bed to slowly follow a trench line within the reef leading to a huge anchor lying on the sea bed.

As our forward motion slows a diver passes holding onto a motorised submersible propellant from our top view point. A mass of bubbles as he arrives at the unusual claw shaped anchor. We see a flashing red light on a large complex metallic object stuck to the anchors magnetic field and tangled in loose fishing netting. Suddenly a bright lights emits from the divers hand as the metal device he has hold of seemingly comes alive, it’s tiny motors rotate and lacerate his hand as the machine expands and glows. As the device darts away at speed leaving the diver holding his hand we hear muffled noise through the divers com link. Our com link sounds blend into feint murmurs of a name being called travelling from the surface.

Fish scatter and we see the diver. make an emergency ascent. His propellant has malfunctioned so he reverts to rapid dolphin kicks to propel him along the anchor line toward the ships starboard bow.

Day. The River Surface. Calm. A small. modernised fishing trawler she has made her way through the narrow tributaries of Suez river yet again into the wide expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Two crewman are waiting hesitantly. Suddenly we see the diver explode from the water calling to his shipmates. AEDIN. An athletic man with a bold vision of the future close to his chest.


Aedin gestures to RYUL, a mercenary with a horrific family history destined to support and fight for the people’s future vision. Every shot from his rifle has purpose.


. Ryul!!!

ARAALI (ah-rah-lee) and CHACHA (chah-chah) throw Ryul his rifle and belt as he bounds like a stag across the ships narrow deck before taking aim to unleash a lazor like shot from the crossbow shaped weapon. He aims at the strange hawk like drone which seems way to distant but the electrical blast from the bow brings it down with one shot.

Act 1 – Scene (?)

Israel – Morning – A large factory

Act 1 – Scene (?)

Aedin and his band stand around the metal mass. OTTO (Chinese) a short athletic agile man with electronics genius sits and describes the advances of the robot in front of him. In his hand is a fine pair of tweezers seemingly holding nothing until we zoom in on a nano bot. They are taken aback with just how advanced the lifelike drone is.


It’s the best one I’ve seen so far. Multi axial movement with an air to amphibious duality that would put a sea hawk to shame. It’s teaching software is multifaceted. It’s virus armed, weapons enabled. Made to kill.


. Programme the vessel to Kallithea. We’ll move by land.


Act 1 – Scene (1?)

Alexandria – Day.

A busy fishing port in Alexandria northern Egyptian coastline. A public market place is pounding with life. Aeden and part of his team are moving a shipment of metal ship containers. Their attention is drawn to several cries.

AKARELE a small African man, sturdy built, with powerful aura, he moves close toward Aeden through the crowd yelling.

. Akerele

“Aedin! We must move quickly. This damn place is crawling with informants.”

Aeden follows Akerele quickly with. Araali and ACCATA the man giant who trail with sharp eyes and wolf like cunning through the busy market place leaving the men behind to unload the containers onto several small vehicles. They come upon a wisened old man, clothing old and soiled. The old man points toward Aedin and his men on their approach trying to get up he stumbles, his eyes elate and smile glows as Aeden quickly kneels to help him up, but amidst the joy are angst driven words.

. Akerele:

(To the old man) Say again what u have you seen old man?! He says the last time he saw us we were but boys. His words make little sense. He said it was before they came. He says they came for us


. Akarele

(To the old man) When did they leave. (To Aeden) Our friends in Lattakia? (Aeden tilts his head in reply)

. Akarele

(To the old man in Arabic) How many were they?!

. Old Man

(In Arabic to Aedin) we waited for you!!

. Akarele

(In Arabic) We have never set foot here old man! (To Aeden)

Aedin shakes his head at Akarele signalling him not to pressure the old man.

. Akarele

(Akarele continues to translate) He says they were all forced to leave when they came. Some left in fear of the hired gunmen but there were the others dressed in suits. (To Aedin) He says they raped and shot the women then forced the men and older children into containers and onto a ship. (To the old man) Are you sure? (To Aeden) Aeden he keeps repeating they were not human.. something in their eyes.

Akerele turns his head slowly in. confusion.

. Akarele

(Shaking his head he pulls Aedin to one side) Aedin this man is not making sense. We will lose this shipment if we don’t leave now.

. Akarele

(Akerele translates the Arabic again shaking his head to Aedin ) He says the same thing “They came again and again and were looking for us”.

. Aedin

Nothing less than normal

. Old Man

(In Arabic) But they will not find you! (He taps Aedens sternum hard with his finger) They can not find..you! (The old man reverts to broken English) We knew!.. ( He smiles ) They would not see you.

Akerele and Aeden exchange a look of wonder.



A mountainous region Al Ismailiyah north east Egypt.

Arali and Akarele are scoping a shipment through binoculars.

. Arali

. That’s it. The blue one.


Akarele uses a mirror to reflect the light and warn the team below.

Aedins team gather at the mountains on foot in reconnaissance jeeps and haulage trucks.

Act 1 Scene (?a)

Market place. Day. Port Fouad, Egypt.

Aedin and Araali sit on opposite sides of a narrow coastal street, faces dusty from the chase. They are overly adorned in their disguises of heavy white market robes to cover their pirate attire. Aden looks mischievous and calm but faces a worried overheated Araali.

Araali wrestles with the cloth and his prop snake basket.

. Araali

. This disguise is as loud as you’re dreams!. You’d better be a fine charmer because every snake in the jungle is about to land on us!

An informant passes and Araali immediately starts playing his prop Moroccan flute. Children pass and laugh at his antics as an armed informant with weapon close at hand kicks the dry sun baked dirt up in his face. The informants attention is drawn further up the street to gun fire.

Aeden sends messages by whistling and bouncing sunlight from a small mirror to one of his team at the far end of the street.

Araali throws something at Aeden to catch his attention but only breaks Aedens concentration momentarily.

. Araali

Senor!! Do you see me! Do you! Of course you do because this..thing! Is bloody ridiculous!! And why am I always the charmer!? Huh?

Araali’s attention is also drawn to Aeden’s line of sight)

. Araali

Next! You will charm the snake!!

Araali looks again toward the street trying to see what Aeden is looking at.

And then!! she wil leave you because you want for nothing!! What.. what are you…Aeden..?!

Finally Aeden faces Araali with a ponderous look.

. Aeden

. Fine playing brother.

Aeden’s attention is drawn again to the woman at the end of the street.

Aeden looks on toward where the woman makes her exit.

. Aeden

You could have charmed even me.

Araali looks on the same direction and sees nothing.

Araali forces a loud laugh and is caught off guard with more suspicious street activity and rushes to pick the flute up a second time. In an almost dream like state a snake rises as our camera pans in on its black lifeless eyes now lit with stars.


Act 1 Scene (?b)

Night. Suez River.

We are close to an owl which hoots and plumes it’s wing. A government coast guard boat patrol makes its way up the Suez river escorting a shipment.

Night. Jiao-long (means ‘looks like a dragon’) a Chinese government official. The officer makes a call to coast guard.

. Official

. Anything to report.

. Informant

. No sir. There have been no further sitings

Act 1 Scene (?)

Aedin Akarele and Araali are donning their wet suits before making a dive.

. Aedin

. We don’t need wisdom to understand that there be monsters. roaming around these waters without humane obligation. We have needs are simple. Love and protect one another. And I will protect your children my friend and even the monsters children no matter whom or what I’m confronted by.

We zoom in toward a feint candle light on the ships deck billowing with smoke. Otto smokeon the inner deck of the ship. He unfolds an old map of the Indian Ocean and The Gulf of Aeden. He turns on a computerised secondary map onto a screen which looks like a duplicate of the paper one but is aligned to a holographic map of the stars. Written in bold on the paper version is ‘Here be monsters’. (Aedin smiles makes a friendly gesture to his two shipmates patting them simultaneously on the cheeks. They look at each other grab him and throw him in the sea. They laugh and then they follow yelling an Arabic word for brothers)

We cut back to a slow zoom on the old map ‘Here be monsters’ as we fade out and into the eye of a corporate leader.

Act 2 Scene ?

Night. The shadow council.

The most powerful and manipulative men in the world gather round a large room in a very lofty hotel on an island of the coast of Saudi. They sit quietly waiting for their host.

. Man 1

Thank you for your attendance. We have an upsurge in new cyber attacks but thankfully our newly established nano anti viral security measures remain very much in tact.

He begins by playing a series of video footage.

. Suited Man

The newly micro chipped areas of Indonesia are showing increasingly positive results in terms of illegal faction activity and commercial productivity.

We have an upsurge of violent street demonstrations in Athens Greece, Manchester and Liverpool U.K. and Azerbaijan which have have had a temporary effect on our government holds reach this has affected our communications relations with a number of government officials which is noteworthy.

We have managed to calm and lock down the sources of 90% of newly emerging rival factions across the Middle East and reacquire some of the stolen Vietnamese freight goods by increasing coast line security around the Suez port and its coastline, however this area in particular now seems to be the home to a knew insurgence of illegal activity which has seen the redistribution of our stolen goods back to the same province.. the same province where it was made.

We now have a 50% increase in own armed security measures across our middle eastern borders of Georgia Armenia, the entire northern coastal regions of the Indian Sea and the North Sea.

The final piece of our puzzle will soon be solved with just two remaining land masses with significant resources not under our safe economic control.

Act 2 – Scene (?)

Night – A well dressed man approaches a sea vessel. Aeden’s men don disguises and escort the shadowy figure below deck.

. Minister

I see your still playing your theatrical games. So who am I here to see?

Aeden appears from the shadows.

. Aden

Sometimes the best guises are the ones least hidden.

. Minister

. You endanger the lives of everyone who follows you including the very people you are trying to help. Im not here to support your incessant Tom foolery that looks nothing less than a revolution gone mad. Do you think that some of your informants won’t sell out when their arms aren’t bent the other way? Your quest for truth has gone more than a bridge too far captain.

. Aeden (Monologue)

They don’t follow me. They follow each other because they know there is strength in numbers. The truth can change even a stupid mad who lives his life in error and complacency into a man of hope, humanity and understanding. Your little private summit meetings and reputation might be what’s most important to you but they mean nothing to us unless you fight for fairness. We don’t want to hear about another wave of government officials appointed to mislead the nations. We want transparency not another greed fuelled historical repeat. (The crew listen intently and acknowledge and compliment Aeden’s rage ) Let the white sail fly he says while they negotiate with men who keep failing to kill us! (Pause) Tell me minister when this problem lands heavy in your lap do you think of anyone but yourself? If you want to wait for a tide with your name on it to wash you and your fat purse away then your on your own. The truth minister is very painful but it’s what brought all these people together.

Aeden approaches him closely

. Aeden

Greed and self preservation after all we’ve been through. (Aeden shows him the door) Mind yourself on the way out minister, we’re dropping anchor and it has a strange habit of dragging any floating shit in its vicinity down with it. We bid you good day.

Act 2 Scene (?)

A large plane flies very low over morning skies.

We cut to the pilot. A Ghanaian woman by name of BOETEMAH. (Bwoh-teh-mah) every inch the pilot. A slight woman with cheek bones like diamonds and a scar over her left cheek she navigates the Dakota like an agile hawk. She chews gum and blows a bubble. Snap!

Cut to:

Rear end of the old Dakota opens up.

Aedin, Akarele, Araali, Ryul donning beards, moustaches sunglasses, headphones each disguised in such a way the audience is unaware of who is who ( Eg Last train running Doobie Bros)

Araali holds a bottle. The remains of his sister. Aedin comes to him holds his shoulders, gives him a knowing look then moves quickly to help Ryul and Akerele prep the drop.

Araali sits on the edge of the plane and ties a bright red balloon to the bottle that reads “love will outlast”. They all shout the words “your neighbour is my neighbour” in Swahili as the shipment floats magically down over three neighbouring villages.

A villager looks at his family in shock and excitement on opening one of the containers which contains money and water purifying equipment.

In another village three children run to their grandpa with clothing and food from the drop!

. Grandpa

. (In a North African dialect) Who have you squirrels robbed!? Who?!

. Child 1

. Come grandpa! Come and see!

Act 2 Scene (?)

Palaiokastro, Crete, Aegean Sea – Morning

Aeden and his men have loaded there ship with food and weapon supplies and left the port. As the ship sounds we see the port bustling. LAYNA (Truth) a beautiful waif of a woman standing beside her father CORBAN (‘A gift devoted to God’) and distant cousin to Aedins mountain man of arms JELANI (The Mighty One – East African Kiswahili) both stand at the end of the Jeti.


They’ll need more than help when they reach Tripoli. We must make everyone we trust aware of their presence.


. Yes father. (In Greek). She touches his arm and leaves


(Corben watches her leave. In Greek) My reason. My every breath.

Act 2 Scene (?)

Too late. Aedin sits on a rock face on the shoreline with Akarele trying to understand the cause behind floating bodies of women men and children who had fled the shores to evade bombings of their towns and villages.


We are so much more than this.

With no more tears to cry a young girl they’ve managed to save from drowning runs over to her only possession washed up on the shore. She unpicks the jar of marbles still clasped in her dead mother’s hand and takes a final look at the lifeless body amidst many. She kisses her mother head and rushes to Aeden. He takes the jar full of marbles and Akarele watches with concern as the girl walks off up the sandy banks. For a moment no words… just emptiness as they look at the bobbing mass of pointless death.

. Akarele

. We are but the air in that jar my friend, full of the wealthiest of kings.

Aeden unscrews the lid takes a handful of sand and fills the space within the jar

. Aeden

And their countless yielding knights. We are the very reason this jar exists. We break their glass and these Kings and Knights will fall… only to be left marvelling at people whose new found freedom lets them float high above these kings.

He stands and Akarele rises with him

. Aeden

A tough jar..

Akarele gives a knowing nod expressing the enormity of their challenge.

They look across the waves Akarele close at his side.

. Aeden

But it will crack… and when it does my brother we will save these Kings and Knights from themselves. We all have precious lives. To open their eyes to show them the futility of such destruction.. we must show them every ounce of goodness we possess.

They share a look which explains the enormity of their challenge. The eyes of both men show faith and strength.

. Aeden/Akarele (together)

In love we trust.

CHA CHA signals a whistle from the foliage on the beach and Aeden whistles back. They turn and leave side by side. As Akarele passes the young girl he lifts her onto his shoulders. We see the three make their way towards the Riverine craft manned by more men and women who share Aeden’s plight. From the height of Akarele’s shoulders we see the young girl take one last look at her mother and an all too familiar untold story.

End of Act 2 scene (?)

. Aden

Statler & Waldorf…Where is your vision?

High in the safety of your retirement pulpit you think you have witnessed the final act of this tale. Ill acceptance of the intelligence and growing ability of man to move forward with humanity might not be held close to your chest now, but it will happen and we are all part of that progression. The road to fairness is not as you do adamantly speak. “out of reach”. Our inability or understanding in each other is changing and this fact is key. Soon man will to set up a transparent system that puts an end to modern slavery in the east and a soul crushing credit system in the west.

Fairness is not some distant delicate ideology that holds no water, we are a species of growing intelligence and emotive communications not just signals to ourselve but throughout the great cosmos in which our earth resides. Curing the insanity of age old greed is not a set unchanging parameter nor is it a far reaching philosophy. It is a primary progressive humane objective and we, the affected, are here to make haste it’s progress. We know It is not that you are unwilling to understand but that injustice and greed has taken its toll and left you in a negative saddened state of mind. We understand. But your minds can be lifted. The ability of those who control our primary resources and an absence of their communication with one another has been an habitual pattern until now but be sure your mind isn’t self deceived Statler. It is not a set. immovable framework Waldorf. As we set sail star bound it is far from this rigid continuem of socialism to capitalism but belongs in a new visionary paradigm that is not linear but multi directional giving rewards to us all in a way we never thought possible. The man with no vision and the lost heart might continue to seal the fate of many a child in the east, directly and inadvertently crushing currency worth and driving populations against one another in perpetual turmoil but… the progression of our communications with these lofty upper tier society needs only improvement. We will drive our message home. We do not want to disrupt or take away riches if that is what you covet but our plight is in mans united choice to protect the worlds children and educate all will give room to a safer science led future where we are all united like a giant network of lightening communications. Be brave, Be bold… be you. My father may have been lost but deep in his heart I saw a brave man. And I see his bravery in you too. If you can not assist us at the very least…believe in our truth. #InLoveWeTrust

Act 2 scene (?)

Mediterranean Sea –

Our men of the sea roam south of the Island of Gavdos heading for





Greek Names



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