JACK ME UP’ 10th Edit

‘Jack Me Up’ was conceived around October 2014 whilst driving home from Birkenhead in my old banged up silver Hyundai Getz. After pulling over onto the M62 services near Warrington I began writing words to a song about a woman who needed fixing. Whilst driving I was thinking of the poor state of my own car and heard a basic riff to the track once I’d come up with the key choral vocal triplet choral “Jack Me Up! Lift me Up! Is this the love!”.

After some deliberation I decided the singer would play the conscious and human embodiment of an American muscle car which was in need of. care and sound servicing. I decided that the choral section of the track would be further supported or contrasted with a male support artist who would bring a contrasting “rap like” vocal into the choral mix with an additional four part female chorus acting as our leads guardian angels.

In the event of any prospective music video the rapper could be an additional dancer, likely one of 6 auto mechanics, whom through modern dance interpretations would struggle to get the car going at two phases into loves journey (likely beginning and middle), inadvertently paying homage to the 80's musical number Grease Lightening.

The style and theme of the dancing within the video however would reveal itself to me later as a specific mix of futuristic themes with a merger of contemporary, classical and non categorised experimental choreography.

10th EDIT (Adjusted for Copyrighted May 2016)

‘JACK ME UP’ an SJG Production


(4 bar) (smoke, staccato pan pipes)

Not-for-sayuuuul (Lead) (2 bar) Or-fa hi-yuuur (Lead) (2 bar)

Those-grea-sy-good-for-noth-in-wheel-stuuuds (All) (1 bar)

Can’t-make-our pis-stons (All) (1bar)

Fire!!!’ (euphoric chorus)

(2 bar)


Dont need a Crank Cayyyyyyse

She-need-no-crank caaaase (Chorus) (2 bar)

Or a (micro pause) ‘buyyuuuur’. (‘Flat’) (2 bar)

Don’t need-a-King-pin when loves road-is straight, (Lead ) (1bar)

‘Drop!!’ (Chorus)

The-dead-weights (All)’

‘Ain’t-no-room for-more-spare (1 bar)

ty-yerrrrs!!’ (Lead) (2 bars)

Hey!! (Lead hard)


So-on-the drive belt aaaaace

‘Aaaaace’ (chorus slides)

N’give a little more (Break) (2 bar)

(Bass Drums / Kettle drums.

‘Throttul!’ (On beat) (All) (2 bar)

Oooooo! Just a little! (Lead) (sustain note on vowel) (Break) (2 bar)

‘Throttul’!! (All) (2 bar)

Roll-me-gently don’t-just-screw-meeee ( Alternate word for daytime airing “don’t look through me”) (1 bar)

‘Or-have-ya got-no freek-in bot-tle!’ (1bar)

‘Just a little more! (1 bar)

Throttle!! (Chorus).

Yeehh! A little more

Throttle! (Harmonised). (1 bar)

*Give us a little mooooor. (All)

And-let-that-body-roar! (All)

I said a little* (Saved for second run)

‘Yehh-ehhh-hehhh!-ehh-ehhhhhhh – yyyyeh!! (Lead) (3 bar)

CHORUS 1 (Overlap with female & male lead)

I’m-gonna Jack-you-up! (Rap)

Go easy buttercup (Lead (Smooth)). (1 bar)

Gonna Lift-you-up! (Rap)

Got-the-tools ‘fix-the-ride’ (Chorus) (1 bar)

Gonna Hold-you-up! (Rap)

Forever learning!! (Lead) (1bar)

So/Gonna Jack (me/you) up! (Lead chorus together)

Hold (me/you) up!! (Together) (1 bar)

Is this the love!! (Together)

Ma Ehngiiiine thriiiives! (Lead) (2bar)

Hey!! ( bars) (2 bar)


Take your dirty hands (lead quick staccato)

Off ma dirty wind-shield bohhhy (2 bar)

The-chassy might-seem-dir-ty to-ya.

But-these-four-wheels-ain’t-no tohhhhy!!! (Change of Riff) (2 bar)

Don’t-need-no wheel stud (micro pause) (Hard drum/bass hit and quick stacatto guitar chord strum)

No-little-fuz-zy (micro pause) wheel stuuuuuud (lead frustrated) (2 bar)

I-need-a fuel-dis-tri-butor! (Lead hard)

Not some fan to-make-me cool-uhh!-uhh!Hey!! (2 bar) (Lead Hard stacatto)


It’s just a little more… (Lead) (2 bar)

Guitar and instrumental leads this 2nd chorus Bridge )

Just-a little… (Chorus) (2 bar) Guitar/drum/bass) (Extended version this second bridge could be interspersed with dialogue for music video and/or extended radio edit)

“Well my Foots on the gas baby” (Rap Spoken set back) “

So Ease off on the choke!”( patronising)

Give us your all and more … (frustrated) (2 bars)

Give a little (Chorus).

YehheeYehhheeYehehhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (Lead) (Ref video – Mustang Engine Sound ) (2 bars)


I’m gonna Jack you up!! (Male with chorus)

Can’t wait better pucker up (Lead half sung / tired) (1 bar)

Gonna patch you up! (Rap enthusiastic)

To Catch this ride! (Lead Forthright) (1 bar)

Gonna fix you up! (Rap Convincing)

Putcha foot down honey!! (Build) (1 bar)

And/Gonna Jack me/you up! (Together)

Lift me/you up! (Together)

Hold me/you up!! (Together) (1 bar)

Our love rohhhhhhll tonight!!! (Lead)

Hey!! (Lead Hard) (3 bars)


So where we goin.. (Fast plucky lead guitar)

Cos our-tail-pipes (micro pause) blow-iiiiiiiiin, (2 bars

(Lead frustrated guttural)

We-Can’t-get-east-to-west (build)

With-all-your braaykiiin’… (Pause) (2 bars)

We – ain’t go-iiehhhhnnn!!!!!! (Lead hard) (1 bars)

(1 bar).


Boy-ya-got-to (Lead concerned very staccato) Jack me/Jack me up ( Chorus overlap Quick & Aggressive) (1 bars)

Boy-ya-need-to (lead)

Patch me/patch me up (chorus) (1 bar)

Take all your-strength ta (lead)

Jack-an-hold-don’t-give-me-up (All)

Just ‘Hoh-oh-ohhld me uhh-uhhp!!’ (All. more strength hard) (2 bar) In-di-cate-when-you-learn-we-can- turn-this-in-time! (All. Stacatto strong) (2 bars)



(Into Overlaps)

I’m gonna Jack you up! (Male)

S’more than a kissin (Choral)

Here comes loves light! (Lead lighter) (2 bar)

Gonna hold you up! (Male)

S’more than a kissin (Choral)

Visor down hold tight! (Lead build)(2 bar)

S’more than a kissehhhhhn

Gonna Fix you up!! (Rapper)

We’re rollin honey!!!! (Lead)

So/Gonna (Lead/Rapper).

Jack me/you up!!! (All)

Hold me-you/me-up!!! (All)

Believe-in-Love!!! (Allowed )

I believe. (Rapper, Gentle)


We roll-iiin tiiiime (Lead gentle falsetto)

Together in time.. yeheh (Lead)

To-ge-ther iiiii-ii-iiiiiiin… (Lead gentle falsetto) (break)

Hey!!!!!!!! (Stacatto)

“Nice Jack” (Lead Spoken) (Riff leads out abruptly after 4 bars)

(ALTERNATE after Instrumental)

S’More than kissiiiiin (Choral build) All this time outta gear when there’s nothing missin!

S’more than a-kiss-iiiiiiin! (Choral) Hands firm on the wheel boy “time to listehhhn!!”

(Riff bleeds in stronger with stronger chorus) (Overlap of Lead/Rapper/Chorus)

S’More than-a kiss-ehh-ehh-ehh! (Lead and Chorus)

S’More than-a kiss-ehh-ehh-ehh!! (Lead & Chorus)

More than-a kiss-ehhhh!^kiss ehhhh!^ kiss mehhhhhh!!!!! (Lead with choral climb) You-just listen! (Chorus + Lead)

You-just listen! (Chorus + Lead)

You-just listen!

And-Love-glisten! (Chorus)

Not for sayuuuuuul (Lead)

Not for hi-yuuur (Lead)

WRITTEN AND LYRICALLY COMPOSED BY STEVE J GARRY (Tank 432, Rough & Ready, Samuel & Emily Vs The World)