Warm leads and your gut are not due diligence. I’m not happy for you getting scammed AT ALL. Just that this is to me the fruits of “pattern recognition.” what you described your behavior as…a warm lead and your gut.
Warm leads and your gut are not due diligence.
Melinda Byerley

Hi Melinda,

I am the person who connected Daniel up to the company with a solid recommendation…which was more than a ‘warm lead’. I worked for a fund that invested in the CTO’s former company and watched first hand how he dealt with the trials and tributions of startup life. In short he is a no-nonsense, honest person. The recommendation I made was on the basis of that relationship. Unfortunately the CEO was an x-factor that I had not fully factored in prior to making the introduction. If there was a lapse of judgement it was on me, as I should have offered a more qualified referral to Daniel.


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