Thanks Obama

Thank you.

Thank you Obama for showing me the ideal model of citizenship in the United States.

Thank you for fulfilling the promise of your candidacy and being the person I supported and voted for in 2008 and 2012.

Thank you for finding the political courage to not only fight for, but accomplish the wildly ambitious agenda you presented to the country despite unreasonable and unrelenting opposition.

Thank you for fighting for my rights and respect as a gay man. It wasn’t easy or politically advantageous, but in the end, you advanced the freedom afforded to me by our Constitution. I appreciate you listening to Michelle, Malia and Sasha on how systemic discrimination against the LGBTQ community affects all citizens of this country and is a betrayal of our highest ideals. It is clear that your family deserves equal credit for your progressive, forward thinking policies and capacity to facilitate change. They are also American heroes whom I will miss dearly.

Thank you for accepting science, data, reason and empiricism as the primary governing force in your decision making process as President. Particularly in regards to climate change and the general advancement of our society.

Thank you for fighting for the rights of those who don’t have the voice to speak for themselves. Especially in regards to health care and criminal justice. Because of you and the incredible team that you surrounded yourself with, the nation finds itself with the lowest uninsured rate in history and we as a nation find ourselves in a pivotal moment that has begun the difficult but necessary process of wrestling with our painful history of racial, gender and economic discrimination.

Thank you for protecting the inherent and self evident values of our founding documents. Particularly the freedom of speech and religion. Thank you for speaking up for our Muslim brothers and sisters and not allowing our basest fears or instincts to influence public policy or compromise our most basic values.

Thank you for saving us from economic destruction in the wake of the Great Recession and for finding creative and effective ways to ensure the future of American relevancy in the New World Order. Thank you for reestablishing the prominence of America on the world stage and ensuring the role of the U.S. as a stabilizing force in the post WW2 reality.

Thank you for providing a model for what the executive office should be and could accomplish. Not only in the sense of political achievement, but in the scandal-free leadership that you have demonstrated. Thank you for the continued effort to find common ground with political opponents who often showed nothing but contempt for the office you inhabited.

Thank you for having the courage and poise to deal with the inevitable backlash that your race, ethnicity, background, and very name presented in a way that we should all look to as a model. Your understanding of your own place in history is an inspiration and should remain an enlightening force for the country going forward.

Thank you for showing us a model of familial love. Your family is an inspiration for all us who hope to achieve the American Dream of a family who loves and supports each other and embody our greatest ideals of achievement.

Thank you for inspiring me to care. I have developed a deep passion for the politics that affects my life on a daily basis. That is largely a result of the campaign you led and the presidency you inhabited. Maybe it affects me more than most, but I am so grateful that I now find myself more informed and caring about the democratic values of America’s founding documents and our political process.

Thank you for sharing your profound decency and intelligence with us.

Thank you for all the reasons I am forgetting.


I promise, I will do everything I can to defend the advancements that you have accomplished within the bounds of our democracy.

I promise to be a citizen that respects the values that you have advanced as our leader.

I promise to honor and defend the viewpoint of those who disagree with me. I promise to hear the voices of those less fortunate than I, and those who do not hold the ideals and values that I do.

I promise to vote in midterm elections.

I promise not to lose hope or become too cynical.


Thank you for embodying the values of our American democracy.

I am so proud of your Presidency and the (incredibly tiny) role I had in supporting it.

Thank you Barack Obama. I recognize that I am insanely lucky to have experienced a world-historical figure such as yourself in my lifetime. I don’t imagine I will be lucky enough to see another.

I can’t wait to see what you do next and I can’t wait to follow your lead.



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