15 Things Some American People Have Figured Out

1. The establishment are the rich folks. They may not agree on everything, but they agree that they will act together in ways that keep them rich and make each other richer.

2. Republicans and Democrats are both part of the establishment. They play for the same team, just different positions.

3. Politicians are mostly bought and paid for. They end up making a lot of money by going along with what the establishment wants.

4. The media — both sides — are owned by the establishment and carry messages for the establishment. Actual reporting is practically non-existent. Anyone outside of the establishment media messages are apt to be labeled as “conspiracy theorists.”

5. Many Americans — both Republicans and Democrats — that view themselves as intellectual or enlightened have blindly bought into the establishment line of thinking.

6. The establishment and those that have “bought in” will label anyone that does not agree with them as either “poor,” or “stupid” or “uneducated” or “lazy” or “Racist” or “Nazi” or some combination of these.

7. US policy for the last few decades has been designed to serve big money, not the people.

8. Establishment players, like big corporations, banks and certain politicians, will do whatever they can get away with. If caught they are immune to punishment that might actually hurt as long as they are being faithful to establishment desires. Laws have been abandoned or rewritten to serve them at the expense of the people.

9. Individuals in government or big corporations or banks are not held accountable unless the establishment money wants them held accountable, which only occurs when big money feels threatened.

10. The government lies and spies and punishes anyone — usually in the name of national security — from inside the government that tells us this.

11. US involvement in the Middle East has created a big, expensive mess that a lot of people are making a lot of money from. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this and get paid for enabling this. Only the foreign media and the “conspiracy theorists” are going to write about this.

12. 30 plus million jobs have been outsourced to other countries in the past 30 years — primarily to the financial benefit of the top 10% of wealth holders with little to no benefit going to the bottom 90%.

13. Illegal immigration has been used by the establishment as a method of maintaining or lowering prevailing wage rates in many industries, occupations or professions.

14. Health care cost are a racket controlled by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

15. The current establishment thinks it is smart, but the focus it has on the short term is really it is arrogant and stupid. It has systematically destroyed the US capability to produce many basics that everyday American life depends on, putting future national security into jeopardy and severely impacted the ability of general US consumers to spend and have demand for goods due to lowered or disappeared wages — all while thinking the American people would never figure these things out. Of course, their thinking is that any problems they have created will be for some future establishment to deal with.

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