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The most important part of this article is the admission that crime rates are volatile.

I agree that the legalization of the drug does not increase the crime rate but I know for a fact that plenty of crimes are already committed by those under the influence of marijuana. In some areas, over 50% of those booked for crimes admit to smoking weed before committing the crime.

I know that marijuana is involved in many, if not most of the violent crimes in our city. You see a home invasion, it is marijuana. You read about a robbery at gunpoint, what do you think they are doing with the money?

If you answer buy bread for their children, you need a serious adjustment to your thought process. They usually rob people to get drugs and marijuana is the drug of choice. That I know from talking to those who rob people.

Like I said, crime does not have to go up with the legalization of it but we already have crime related to marijuana.

By the way, homicides have gone up for the previous two years in Denver so not all is as peaceful as one would like to think.

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