Alright, I can’t explain this via Twitter — and this may not be the best, most sourced news article/blog/thing imaginable, but I have to explain a few things.

So, I’ve read over a few publications on this site by one Ami Chen Mills-Naim and I first have to say she does an amazing job with her reporting. Secondly, well, she kind of introduced me to this site.

So I figure I should explain what I’m even talking about — and it’s simple. Politics. Seems to be the only conversation point anyone wants to talk about recently. More specifically, Trump’s actions prior to the election and their meaning for his presidency. She boils it down to this — HE IS NOT A GOOD PERSON! Which, frankly, I agree with. Now, I’m not exactly an avid Clinton supporter either (honestly had my fingers crossed McMullin would pull Utah from out of nowhere.) Most of her points, from his unfriendly comments (I use “unfriendly” as a blanket term because I don’t have an “-ism” that covers race, sex, gender, and ability) to his having books by Hitler on his bedside, sound valid. Now, I do have some counter-arguments to make.

Firstly, about the books. There are two ways to read into this — one, he’s a “fan” of Adolf’s, which, given his appreciation of Putin, isn’t exactly off the table. The other is that he’s trying to understand all the sides of that war. Not as likely in the current context, but definitely a possibility at the time. Really, regardless of the reasoning, it definitely provides some doubt as to his motives.

His unfriendly comments are, well, not his swiftest move. He definitely does not seem like a morally good person, but he apparently seemed morally better than the other options to a majority in a majority of states than any other available option. Here, we find the hidden beauty in the Electoral College in that, although there are people like Californian conservatives who typically do not get any sort of say, a greater percentage of the population do. If we left it to person counts, California could practically “rig” popular votes in Democratic favor from now until the end of time, simply due to population in those states. But that’s a whole other article.

Now that we have established that Trump is not exactly the best option, I should probably explain why I see Hillary herself as no better. Regardless of validity, things like the email scandal bring the same type of doubt that Hitler books do for Trump. Furthering this, her run was a lot murkier than Trump’s — she didn’t have as clear and as common of a message as Trump, even to the point where Trump’s got an acronym, while Hillary’s flip-flopped (sound familiar?) from “Stronger Together” to “I’m with Her” and back again.

Neither candidate was good, both had their share of issues. I don’t like either of them, and I stress this constantly — however, there is one point further to address: the “liberal tears”. This is mockery, plain and simple, due to how much complaining liberals seem to do. There were four petitions at different stages of the election to get Trump knocked out of the race. I can’t think of one on the other end, just a crazy amount of mudslinging, with varying degrees of accuracy, ranging from emails to Pizzagate in their insanity. There have been petitions about newspapers, “safe spaces”, and all other kinds of laughable innocence this past year and frankly, you got your way through most of it. In your fight for “equality”, you’ve begun oppressing (again, sound familiar? HINT?) everyone with a dissenting opinion — even Washington Post tried to do this with the “fake news” label, and promptly got smacked in the face with it. Here’s Trump’s win, not in numbers, not in motives, but in difference. He shunned the media whom, for all their factual accuracy, have majorly taken a comfortable Democratic lean. He said things about himself and about others that no one would DARE say other than him. Is he good? No. But people aren’t taking too kindly to the overcorrection in America as of late, “check your privelege” and *TRIGGERED* have become memes to stand among some green frog because of how ludicrously stupid they are portrayed. The divide isn’t entirely the “alt-right”’s fault. There is a faction out there, which I have come to call the “deep left” who hit the wedge as hard as them. We need to fix this — but “coming around” to “progressive thinking” doesn’t do it. Compromise creates a working America, something we are desperately short on.

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