When You Reward Shitty Behaviour You Get More Shitty Behaviour
Jon Westenberg

You don’t have to be anywhere near “the left” to realize what a disaster this is. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a smug, self-satisfied, Godless elitist, a blue collar, salt-of-the-earth, God-fearing friend of Jesus on the straight and narrow path to Heaven, or anything in between. Trump is here and he’s real and he may be the worst, most dictatorial-minded mistake we’ve ever stumbled into putting in charge. Whining, lying, throwing tantrums, threatening the press, erasing government transparency, waging war on the environment in the name of the gas and oil industry… and that’s just the first week. Not to mention that his quivering trigger finger hovers only inches from the nuclear button, and that his paranoid persona can implement some pretty awful capabilities Mr. Obama conveniently forgot to delete from Bush’s post-9/11 arsenal. And congress is at least as dangerous a nightmare of bad intentions. We should not just sit on the sidelines and hope Trump and the ultra right-wing lunatic fringe implode. Forget the weeping, bleeding heart left. People in the big, fat center need to start working, hard, to kick Trump, Pence, and this gang of thieves off the playing field for good, and get some truly decent people (NOT the likes of Hillary!) in place to actually make America great again. Many people are already getting busy, but it’s probably going to take every one of us. That said, here’s a little song to help put you in the mood. Play it. Sing to it. Pass it on. Scream your anger! https://soundcloud.com/biff-thuringer/to-america

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