The fact you actually believe Peter Liang is a victim in all of this shows your anti-black racism.

Hi Nitsu,

Thank you for taking the time to respond! I find your thoughts serious and considered. I’ve been learning about African-American history my entire life. Do you know Eddie Huang’s story of how he grew up? That was me. Latching onto a counter-culture to find my own self-identity.

And for the record, I’ve ALWAYS considered the Model Minority a myth. If it can happen to Vincent, it can happen to me. How much do you know about Asian-American history? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt which you didn’t give me, and guess you know something about it. And if you know anything, you’ll know that while the racism Asian-Americans struggle against is the same as Black-Americans, our struggle has historically been on different fronts. This is one of those fronts. Can you respect that?

What concerns me (and many Asian-Americans) is how the media AND #BlackLivesMatter have spread factual lies like “it wasn’t an accident” and “he called his union”. Another commenter in these same responses just used the word murder. Annie Tan also said “ Like Akai Gurley, my uncle Vincent was killed because he was a person of color.” What?!? This is insane. Akai Gurley was not killed because of his race. Akai Gurley was a crack dealer visiting his baby mama in the projects who got hit by a stray bullet. Do you know what a stray bullet is?

#BlackLivesMatter is showing it’s true color. Black. And only Black. Black don’t care about Yellow. And Black will step on Yellow. And not even to get to white (in this case). But for a payday. Is it really a surprise that #BlackLivesMatter is all about the Benjamins…