Hey Steve!
Sarah Rosenberg

There’s no substance in your comment to engage. You’re a cheap, low-brow, twitter feminist who blames “white men” for all of your problems in life. You’re exactly the kind of “identity politics” rad-fem loser that America rejected when it voted against Hillary Clinton. Americans wanted some kind of change — and they’d rather take a crazy, loud-mouthed, possibly racist, clown than be lectured any longer by an identity politics nanny who shills for the corrupt establishment, rigs elections, and whose only message is “white male = evil”.

Get this through your head — nobody is interested in hearing your delusions about the “patriarchy” and other mythical fantasies. The economy is doing poorly and Americans want to know if they will have a job, be able to afford education, and live in a society where corporations and government are forced to play by the same rules as everyone else. Hillary Clinton ignored those concerns in favor of pandering to “people of color”, LGBTQIA+ (whatever) and every other “marginalized” (i.e., crybaby victim types) group that’s looking for special attention and privileges.

She thought she could get into power by blaming white men for all of American’s problems, but it turned out that white men (and white women) got tired of being scapegoats for the failings of a useless and corrupt left wing establishment. Believe it or not, white men are people too, and the democrats had better learn to treat them like human beings, or they will be losing many more elections in the future. As Bernie Sanders said “I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to where I came from.” Until people like you grow up and stop treating white people like some kind of untermenschen no one in America will listen to anything you have to say; you all will just be another fringe racist / bigot hate group like the KKK or Westboro baptist church.