The Doctor is in……….Portland

The 27th January episode of The Last Leg (a topical comedy show broadcast on Channel 4 here in the U.K.) featured a twitter poll asking ‘Is it ok to punch a nazi?’

74% of people who responded said yes.

I strongly disagree.

Evil & repugnant as they are, nazis are still human beings, and deserving of basic respect.

We must always endeavour to remain on the moral high ground, no matter someone’s behaviour.

Granted this is extremely difficult sometimes, especially in the face of repulsive behaviour and hate.

“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Don’t fight against what you’re against — that just gives it energy and means it continues to exist.

Be for what you’re for:

Don’t be anti war.

Be pro-peace.

David Tennant was the guest on this episode of The Last Leg, and he talked about filming in Portland, Oregon recently.

He said it’s a compassionate city, quite hipstery and cool. Many of the shops put up a poster saying we welcome all races, all genders, all religions, please come in, you are welcome and you are safe here.

That’s the spirit!

The best way to fight against what you’re against is:

Not to.

What you focus on expands. This is due to the reticular activating system (or RAS) in our brains — this video explains what that is.

Focus on what you do want and act in ways that demonstrate it.

Let’s focus on compassion, inclusiveness, understanding, embracing the value of diversity and mix all those together in a bowl with a generous portion of common sense.

Click to hear David Tennant explain how we can make it all OK.