Dear White People
Chris Pirillo

I’m against anyone who tears the laws of this land up like tissue paper, then uses that tissue paper to “clean her computer” .. what do you mean wipe it!

The overall consensus is Clinton is a power hungry Capitol Hill career documented liar and responsibility dodger. She had all the time in the world to enlist criminals to help her campaign with email back and forths to disparage Bernie Sanders with any tactic possible, railroading him right into a debased position that looks like fear in his eyes as an endorsement. because Bernie's trying to keep his career too.

If you ask me, the Federal Government is grasping straws among themselves and can care less for the silent majority! Then this guy Trump rolls in with his TV star personality that pisses everyone off and scares the hell out of the liberal media. and the truth is, it’s not sociopathic behavior, it’s showmanship, regan style theatrics. He’s even nice enough to manage a group of dissidents better than a heckled comedian can at the DNC.

lets face it Chris, if Hillary and Trump were antivirus, which one would you install?

One comes with a firewall.

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