They Know — (an ode to the dark side of social media)

They Know 
Why you laugh
Why you cry
Why you care

They Know
Where you have been
Where you are (right now)
Where you are going

They Know
What you’ve done
What you are doing
What you are going to do

They Know
How you live
How you love
How you give

They Know
When it’s your birthday
When it’s your graduation
When it’s your retirement

They Know
Why you run
Why you work
Why you pray

They Know
Where you eat
Where you sleep
Where you go

They Know
What you like
What you dislike
What illness you will probably die from

They Know
How much you spend
How much you invest
How much you donate

They Know
When you are sick
When you are healthy
When you are tired

They Know
Why you choose conflict
Why you need love
Why you seek peace

They Know
Where you bank
Where you shop
Where you exercise

They Know
What makes you feel afraid
What makes you feel happy
What makes you feel sad

They Know
How you talk
How you write
How you create

They Know
When you are born
When you are alive
When you are dead

They know more about you than you know about yourself.