Common Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing You Should Never Make

There is no work which is complete without an app. Apps are ease of life. For music, for the market, for books, for social media, for grocery and so many options are always there in our life in which we our-self insisted on using apps for comfort and fast services.

But as a developer’s perspective, if you are making an app, you are in a big race of most demanding task. As apps are the absolute reason which is responsible for any rise in business. We have to be very careful while choosing mobile application development company and thus leads to thinking of an app to be built and deliver it for users.

Users are really expecting an app which is unique plus fruitful. It must be designed with a full clear purpose and carry some uniqueness to stand alone in an app store. Because users definitely think twice before download your app and this question will strike in his mind that “ Why I am downloading this app ? What is new in this where I have too many options?”

So you have to be conscious each and every step of creating an app if you are a dedicated developer. You must clearly make some bullets for Dos and Dont’s in front of you.

Here I am discussing some core areas where you can possibly make mistakes, so take a look for that.

1. Unplanned app idea

Don’t ever try to do this. Make proper research work and identify areas to work out before making the app. Just think and put clear idea and have three big ‘W’s.

1. what you want to design?

2. why you want to design?

3. and what others get through your design?

When you get the clear idea about all these questions , you can step forward.

Also, set some right expectations for your mobile app and must provide a unique ability in it while going to develop it through any mobile application development service provider. It doesn’t mean you are putting heavy features in it. Just make it as it would be easy to use

2. Lack of Understand with the Audience

You have to communicate with your target audience to understand their needs as well as what extra you can put to attract users. An app never works if it is designed to download once for rewards only. You have to continuously upgrade it for your current users as well as provide rewards for suggestions so that many people own your app.

Just realize the requirement of your users and serve them rich features with best quality app irrespective of its type as hybrid or native app.

3. Put your app on Social world

It’s too good and necessary step because social world is the very big circle and it continuously gets good spreads if we put something on social. In groups and in the news-feed, you can post about the whole app, also make it share more to get more response. You can use Facebook and twitter and many other platforms for this.

You are already on social media but you have to create a solo social media strategy for your app development. Schedule your social media posts to save time. Use tools for it. Consider timing. Evening time is best for Facebook and days like Saturday and holidays are good.

4. Failing to drive mobile app reviews

You can put a section of review with rating so as to know how much your app is growing and liked by users. Because social proof plays an important role to see our as well as our competitors progress. You can continuously focus on efficiency and features your app delivers. And also you can improve yourself for app development.


There is a lot of scope for improvement in each of the platforms like android app development and iPhone application development. Must check your idea is marketable or not. Think of the app that if an app is really fruitful for users as well as you also. Think of the value of the app. Go and check the work of top app development companies to get better idea about apps.