Rethink about Building App with the help of best Platforms For App Development

Technology lovers are always excited to see what is new in the market of technology. Whether it’s a smartphone, an app , a complete app store or an app building platform. Just like apps and smartphones, there is a continuous rise in the categories of different app platforms. If looking back in 2011, and comparing the growth till today, a long 5 years passed and there is continuous growth in the app market. Also, the lifestyle is totally changed, everybody owns smartphone just to use it for any activity, like to order food to take a place to chill, meet new buddies, learn etc.

This encourage mobile application developers to built more and more apps. And that is the reason app market is growing constantly and so the need of developers and professional skills are also increasing.

To make the work of developers there are lots of tools to work on easily built apps. And different platforms are also there to work out for apps. It’s very awesome for app developers to work on the tools. App development services still trying to do more of tasks. But it would be good for developers if they use these platforms for ease of their work.

These platforms are very fruitful if you don’t want to invest lots of money you can create and manage your mobile site or application and start achieving the benefits of offering your customers a better and smooth mobile experience, including increased awareness, engagement and revenue.

Here I am going to discuss you about some of the platforms which are totally useful for building apps.


It is a cloud based mobile app builder that you can optimize to create apps for iOS, Android and Window phone, and have Apache cordova with access to its built-in components.

it’s very easy to get begin quickly and as this builder runs in the cloud, we are not forcing to install or download, and. It also have a visual editor using drag and drop components to create the UI. You can add more to the performance of apps with the Appery plugin catalog, or build your own personal custom plugins to optimize in your apps.

2. Appy Pie:

It is another cloud-based DIY mobile app development platform. It allows the users having no programming expertise to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows and then make them live to Google Play or iTunes. It is also works on same mechanism i.e., cloud based, so there is no need to download and run and needs to simply drag and drop different pages to build an online mobile app.

3. Mobile Roadie

This is an app creator that lets anyone to built and regulate their own android or iOS app. You can optimize the free Mobile Roadie Connect app to check your app’s accuracy, just as your users would on their devices. The app also helps you through the submission process, also provides checking the quality and appropriateness of your content.

4. Good Barber

This platform allows us to make iPhone and Android apps, also you have control on every detail of app without producing a single word of code. There are customized design templates are available to get started, with 350 attractive icons and access more than 600 fonts.


There are numerous other mobile app development platforms that the users might choose from. Then there are several other iPhone application development company and android developer company which could help you in getting a right app for aim of any work without any load.