What are Computer Aided Software Engineering Tools (CASE) and its uses to Software Development Companies?

A CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool is a standard term used to indicate any form of automated support for software engineering. In a more preventive sense, a CASE tool means any tool used to automate some activity associated with software development which includes Web Development, Mobile application Development,eCommerce web development etc.

Many CASE tools are available. Some of these CASE tools assist in phase related tasks such as specification, structured analysis, design, coding, testing, etc. and others to non-phase activities such as project management and configuration management.

The overall aim of CASE technology is to improve the productivity and quality of the resulting systems by assisting the developer throughout the different stages of the development process from the acquisition of the functional and nonfunctional system requirements to the design and implementation of the system considering all the relevant technical and operational features.

Real CASE tools can be categorized into 3 following levels:

· Upper — support analysis and design phases

· Lower — support coding phase

· Integrated — also known as I-CASE support analysis, design and coding phases

· Savings in resources required for software development — with less.

· Quick development phase

· Reduction of generation of errors.

· Easier recognition of bugs during development.

· Savings in maintenance resources required.

· To increase productivity

· To help produce enhanced quality software at lower cost

Several benefits increase from the use of a CASE environment or even isolated CASE tools. Some of those pros are:

• An imperative benefit of a CASE environment is cost saving through all development stages.

• Use of CASE tools leads to considerable improvement to quality.

• Different phases of Software Development and the chances of human error are significantly reduced.

• CASE tools help to produce high quality and consistent documents

• CASE tools take out most of the work in a software engineer’s work.

CASE tools may support the following development steps for Developing database application to Software Development Company.

  • Creation of data flow and entity models
  • Establishing a relationship between requirements and various models
  • Development of top-level design
  • Development of functional and process description
  • Development of test cases.