Entrepreneur In The Making

“Hello? Yes, Netflix…Yes, I want a mini-series

Why not right? Have you seen some of the documentaries?

There is a war that is being fought in my mind and heart. Over the many years of doing research and learning from some of the great entrepreneurs of the last 7–8 years like Gary Vaynerchuck, Michael Hyatt, Patt Flynn, etc. I have been noticing that everything they have been saying is true.

What I mean by that is, the mantra of finding your ‘why?’ or finding your passion because it will get hard and you will need something to help get you through those tough times! In my mind, every now and then when I hit a day (like today) that does not go my way a small amount of doubt and fear creep in. Then I have a series of meetings for various reasons, but still have a common thread of making sure that I will not work for anyone else.

In one meeting today I had a friend help me with my site so that I could attract more business. During that time we were catching up, and he had been laid off because of oil prices, and is working on making the right decision. That little conversation helped me again realize, I do not want that external pressure of having to work for someone else! I do not want someone else to have that power over me…

The second meeting was one that led to a door of potential…one that might have booked my first speaking gig. It will be free probably, but at least I can get my foot in the door! Plus, having written down “public” speaking as one of my goals for this year, I find it encouraging that I was able to ‘book’ this a month after writing it down.

To wrap this up, what is really impressive is people’s overall tolerance with traffic. Houston has recently surpassed Chicago for the worst traffic in the nation! Why are we wasting time sitting in a car going to and from work. If we assume it takes 45 minutes both ways that is 90 mins! Multiply that by 5 and you 450 minutes, thats 7.5 hours, basically a work day. Now imagine that you have already spent time in a job that you hate or cant control, so to waste even more time in a car literally not going anywhere fast…just why? I’ll take a picture of I-610 and I-10 if I ever get stuck in it again or going contra-flow.

I have been learning a lot about my own internal scripts and how I am reacting to different circumstances. I saw this quote from someone who posted on Instagram, and it said,

“You cannot be both negative and awesome. Pick one.”

What are your thoughts? One of the goals that is driving me is to tell an awesome story of going from the darkest and lowest points of my life to a successful entrepreneur…That to me is awesome!

Would love to hear from those that are already ahead of my in the game.