The Love Life of an Asian Guy has an Anti-Semitism Problem
Jonathan Steinklein

Hey Jonathan, just FYI the LLAG is becoming well known in Asian racial equality groups as a puppet for the hateful left, often scapegoating people of Eastern Asians descent and Koreans specifically to appease them, differentiating between light skinned and dark skinned Asians, all the while ripping off of Eastern Asian culture when it suits his purposes. I was banned pretty quickly for pointing out how his racebaiting is used to justify rioting Korean owned businesses, as if we are all responsible for the actions of a few.

His logic is usually flawed and filled with toxic emotion, as is usually the case when logic is flawed. We should chat if you feel like. I’d like to work on some ideas myself on how to expose him on a much larger scale. He does nothing for any of our causes except to be an example to right wing extremists of how racist minorities are too.