The NBA and “Playoff Basketball”

It is widely accepted that the way teams play and how the game is officiated is different in the playoffs.


This makes no sense! Does the strike zone change in baseball? Does the NFL allow more holding? NO and NO. It must be said that the game is much less physical than it was in the 80’s and 90’s. In the playoffs it seems that an extra level of physicality is just accepted. After watching the first weekend of the playoffs there have been mostly blowouts, with a surprisingly close game between Cleveland (1) and Detroit (8). This was a classic beat’em up grind it out type game. It was hard to watch. You would think that watching one of the best players in the world in Lebron James would be entertaining….IT WASN’T! He got away with murder on the offensive end. Detroits head coach Stan Van Gundy even mentions during his halftime interview that his team would need to just fight through it. Things did escalate in the second half when Reggie Jackson was called for a foul that was an obvious offensive foul on Lebron James. On his next drive where he felt he was fouled but no call he confronted the official and was immediately T’d up.

Aren’t the playoffs a time for the NBA to showcase its best basketball? Why let players get away with flagrant fouls. Last years Kevin Love injury could have been prevented. There is nothing wrong with wrapping up a player to prevent him from getting a shot up. But the constant talk of knocking guys down just to make them “feel it” is goonish. Dinosaurs like Charles Barkley keep talking about putting Steph Curry on his ass is ridiculous. That isn't part of the game.

Let the game be played with the same rules it was played during the 82 game regular season. Let the best BASKETBALL team win. Not the team with the best Goons.