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Revising history does not make it true. The comparison between the native American Indian and the (mythological) Palestinian is grossly invalid. Study after study, demographic after demographic have CLEARLY shown that the (misnamed) Palis are a creation of someones misguided imagination. Add to that the FACT that the Muslim/Arab leaders in the period leading up to the 1948 war told their people to leave to make room for their invading armies.

Those armies lost, much to their dismay, against the fledgling modern State of Israel, and against Jews who had been there for centuries.

In no other instance in history has an aggressor started a war and lost & then tried to have the victor return what the aggressor lost.

Stop trying to rewrite history and the norms/rules of civilization. And stop purveying some set of rules by which you expect the other side to play while you do whatever you want.

Why not try some facts and truth. Unless you don’t know any.

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