How To Make Money With Dating Apps And Websites

Dating app money making ideas 2016

There are many ways to monetise the new dating app that you just created using our tinder clone dating script. These vary from the very basic to the advanced way of generating revenue.

Ads: –

One of the easiest thing to generate revenue is to put ads in the app. The ads can be placed on the bottom of each page and it would have sufficient spacing so that it does not obstruct the user. The typical height of the ad will be 50pixel high. This is ideal for any app out there. Also you can show full-page ads on particular occasions only to avoid annoying users. You can put full page ads at start of the app and then you can put it when there is a match between two users. The cpm rates of these full page ads are generally higher. Depending on country of the users and various other parameters you can expect on an average rate between $5 or little higher than that. CPM stands for cost per mile, meaning if that ad is show 1000 times (not users) then you will earn $5 or higher. The smaller banner ads can be of a little low CPM like $2 but they are good in long run.

You can use google’s admob sdk to integrate the small banner ads. For the full-page ads you can integrate chatbooster sdk or inmobi sdk or many other alternatives out there. Read little about their CPM rates on the Internet before choosing one.

Freemium model:-

With the ads in place for the application, you can charge people a dollar to remove them through in-app purchase. This is a good way to earn money without compromising the user experience. Remember that Apple and Google will take their cuts from this revenue, which is 30%. But you do not have to bother about managing a payment gateway or processing payments. Apple and google will do that for you.

Paid features in the app:-

There are many ways to add some paid features in the app. The users have to pay certain amount to unlock this. There are already many apps doing it and you can choose any of those features that you want to implement.

Limit number of searches per day

You can limit the number of prospective matches for people per day. So lets day for the beginning period of the app, you can limit it to 20. So after 20 swipes or profiles appeared, you will show the users a message to pay a monthly fee of $0.99 or a one time fee of $6.99 to unlock the unlimited swipes per day.

Pay for private chat

You can disable the automatic enabling of the messaging system after two people have match. Instead ask them to pay for it. This is a perfect time for asking them to pay as they would be very eager to chat with the new match and they would not care to pay for the small fee, which enables them to do so. You can ask for a monthly fee or a yearly fee or a one time fee as you like.

Pay for changing the current location of search

Same like Tinder, you can allow people to search for matches from a different location than the current location that they are using the app. This method has lot of advantages. Many a time your users will be based out of cities where there are less potential girls or guys available for a date. So they would need to check out matches from different locations. You can ask them to pay for it when they want to choose a different location. This can be a recurring payment of months or per location changes or you can ask them to pay for one time.

Pay for profile highlighter

This is very well used by the okcupid app. They charge for a monthly payment of $5 to get highlighted in the search results . For users who never gets match or who are very eager to get a new match, this is a perfect way to get instant visibility in the search results. You can implement the same in your app also.

Payment for male users only

It’s the same method, which is used by bars and pubs for years. They charge male visitors an entry fee while its free for female users. Similarly you can charge male users to use this app. However you can allow them to use the app for free for a month and then ask them to pay for it. This way you get more users in the app. Also you can run a promotion feature to waive off this fee if the male user brings a female user to the app.

Pay for direct message without a match

Sometimes when a user is desperate to talk to a girl irrespective of the match, you can give them a way to do that and of course with a little fee. Many of the new dating apps now have this feature. You can charge a very premium fee here, because user would not mind to pay for it if he really likes to talk to a girl.

Tie up with brands for advertising

You might have seen this in Tinder. While you are browsing through the matches, you will see some gif images or a video from some local restaurant or from a reputed chain like McDonalds. To do this, you have to tie up with brands and give them the platform of your app to get noticed. You will have one admin panel where you can feed the brand videos or gifs and coupon links associated with them. That link will redirect users to avail a discount or a voucher from that brand. You can ask for a monthly payment from the brands and a one time on-boarding fee. You need to present them the engagement of their ads in your platform for the monthly payment.

Affiliate marketing

You can signup with affiliate networks, specially with amazon as they are the best. Then you can put ads for products in the search results or in the messaging page. These products can be various items that normally people gift each other on their dates. This is a best way to sell products without annoying users with some random affiliate products. You can sell even various other affiliate products related to men and women health like weight loss and weight gain products.

So these are some of the methods to make money from the dating app. However there are many more methods of getting paid through the dating business. We send this information to our friends and clients.

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